AEW Signs CIMA Full Time, Hints At Two Other Signings


On Being The Elite episode 147 they announced that CIMA has signed a full-time deal with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and they also hinted at the signing of Super Smash Bros (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson).

Japanese legend and innovator CIMA has been wrestling since 1997.  For the first few years of his career, he mainly wrestled for Toryumon Japan and Michinoku Pro Wrestling.  He also made some appearances for lucha giants CMLL and AAA, World Championship Wrestling (WCW)WA-R and New Japan Pro Wrestling among others.  In 2004 Toryumon would make way for a new promotion known as Dragon Gate.  CIMA would go on to become synonymous with Dragon Gate for years as he helped them to develop an eye-catching, highly athletic Junior Heavyweight style that became popular all over the indies in the mid-2010s.  During his run on top of DG he would become a bonafide draw and heavily decorated as he left the company in 2017 as a former Open The Dream Gate Champion, a five-time Open The Owarai Gate Champion, three-time Open The Brave Gate Champion, five-time Open The Twin Gate Champion, twelve-time, (Yes TWELVE) Open The Triangle Gate Champion and a three-time Open The Dream Gate Champion.

Photo: F4wonline

In 2017 CIMA left his home promotion of Dragon Gate to join Chinese company Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) and form the faction STRONGHEARTS who toured the world and tore the house down everywhere they went.  He helped to bring his high paced style to OWE as he trained a whole new set of wrestlers in the eye-catching style he had perfected for over a decade.  While touring the world he reminded everyone of why he was such a big name in Japan as he had great matches and star power everywhere he went.

Photo: PWG

The other signing hinted at was that of the Super Smash Bros. tag team.  The Canadian tag team was one of the Young Bucks biggest rivals in their time in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) as the two teams had some insanely good tag matches.  The team had some visa issues that prevented working in the US for a bit, but they continue to be major players in Canada with Smash Wrestling and have worked in the UK with IPW, ATTACK!, and Tidal Championship Wrestling. The SSB would be a big get for AEW as they are a talented tag team that can be babyfaces, heels, comedic, serious and everything in between.

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