Kenny Omega Doesn’t Need WWE

The desire to have Kenny Omega in WWE has been a wish for years, so many have predicted possible appearance that all came with shortcomings to ride along. You’re probably one of the many that thinks he’ll be a surprise entrant in the next Royal Rumble, or maybe the RAW after WrestleMania, or maybe even SummerSlam. I’m hoping for neither of those options, or any other in-between. Kenny Omega shouldn’t leave New Japan Pro Wrestling. In fact, Kenny Omega doesn’t need WWE.

WWE needs Kenny Omega.

It’s universally agreed that Omega made the right choice when he decided to leave Deep South Wrestling, a developmental territory for WWE at the time. He was a small guy, didn’t have much of a look to him, but he had potential and he was willing to put in the work. If he stayed with the company, however, he’d be completely different from how we know him today.

It’s a simple thing to imagine. He’d have a bland name with no character development, and easily used as a stepping stool for much bigger stars in dark matches while only making sporadic appearances as enhancement on pre-taped events. He would come out to the most generic, recycled theme music, drawing little to no crowd reaction if ever he did make a surprise appearance on Raw or SmackDown. No matter how many times he would throw his arms up in the air while skipping down to the ring, nobody would connect with him, and we wouldn’t have the Kenny Omega we have today.

We wouldn’t have the Cleaner, the leader of Bullet Club. Fans would complain about him being wasted potential, and the only excuse that anyone would come up with is that creative has nothing for him. Going to New Japan solved that problem before it could happen. Omega had creative freedom to develop himself and climb to the top without waiting for some higher up to finally take a chance on him.

Photo: NJPW

He did exactly what he set out to do. He played the image in his mind and thrived. He’s gotten so huge that he is now a household name in the Western side of the world without ever stepping into a major ring belonging to Vince McMahon. Look at what Kenny has done in New Japan. He’s a one-time IWGP Intercontinental champion, a two-time Junior Heavyweight champion, he is the inaugural IWGP United States champion, and now he is the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

That’s just listing a few of his accomplishments.

He is the man, the star of the show, the main event player and WWE is so enamored (or afflicted) by this that they’re attempting everything in their power to get his attention. They’re showing clips of the early stages of his career on the WWE Network. They even promoted his bout against Xavier Woods in a Street Fighter tournament at E3 on their official website. Omega is the football jock, and WWE is suddenly his own personal squad of cheerleaders.

All of this glory and emphasis on who he is might be one of two possible scenarios: Either someone very powerful in WWE has a major hunger for Kenny Omega, or they want to own everything about him so they can bury him completely and try to push New Japan down into obscurity.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is Omega’s domain. It’s his playground, his yard and the place where he should continue making a legend of his career. Even if this is his one and only run as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, he’ll still be one of the biggest stars of the company. He’ll always be utilized properly and one that New Japan can always depend on for high quality matches. Don’t hope for a WWE debut.

The Cleaner is already immortal.

Photo: NJPW