Arkangel de la Muerte Passes Away At The Age of 51

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Arkangel de la Muerte, who was a trainer and a legend in CMLL, passed away yesterday at the age of 51.

Photo: CMLL

Arkangel’s career expanded for more than 30 years, starting his wrestling career in 1985 as Mr. Cid an later changing to the rudo wrestler Arkangel de la Muerte. He won the CMLL World Welterweight title in Japan against Super Delfin and before that, the National Welterweight Championship from El Torero in 1998.

He won various Luchas de Apuesta matches, 10 to be exact, defeating names like Nosawa, Ultraman Jr., La Sombra (not Andrade “Cien” Almas) and more famously Angel Azteca.In the last few years, Arkangel was wrestling in some prelims in CMLL and was heavily involved with Ultimo Dragon and his show in Mexico with the wrestling promotion Toryumon.

A True Mentor

Photo: CMLL

In the mid 2000s he became key part of the training of young wrestler in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. He was so involved in forming the new up and coming talent in Mexico that even wrestlers that weren’t part of CMLL got their training from him. His most famous class of trainees was in 2011 and included names like the first Dragon Lee (now known as Mistico), Drone, Bobby Zavala and Hijo del Signo.

In Puerto Rico, Arkangel de la Muerte was key in forming promising talents like OT Fernandez, JC Navarro, Vanilla Vargas and veterans like Tommy Diablo and Star Roger. As Navarro wrote on his Facebook page, “You (Arkangel) were the one that helped us grow, mature, fulfill our goals and know that dream can become true. Professor and mentor in life.” 

Photo: CMLL

CMLL Informa, which is a CMLL show presented in the Fite App and on Facebook, was dedicated to Arkangel de la Muerte, who really brought light to the CMLL Training School and had a solid career in the company.