EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Puerto Rico’s Mike Mendoza, WWE Hopeful

By now, Mike Mendoza’s name is one that you might heard of. Puerto Rico’s newest sensation is doing waves in the wrestling scene in 2017, especially in this past month. Victor Ortiz – Mike Mendoza’s real name – sparked a lot of buzz in this past month of October, being one of the trainees in the latest WWE Tryout in the Performance Center in Orlando. As if that wasn’t enough, The Crash Lucha Libre – Konnan’s wrestling promotion and the number 3 company in Mexico – announced that Mike Mendoza, alongside promising talents Angel Fashion and Vanilla Vargas will be debuting for the promotion in late November.

Photo: WWC

Mendoza’s rise in the international wrestling scene comes as a breath of fresh air in times when Puerto Rico is – in its majority – without electrical power and water. He is poised to take 2018 by storm, his Crash debut would prove to be a test, as he is scheduled for multiple shows later next year. He is also having its toughest test in February against former AAA Mega Heavyweight Champion Texano Jr. and in November 11, he will try to end Starr Roger’s historic reign as CWA Heavyweight Champion.

Last Word on Pro Wrestling reached out to Mike Mendoza to talked about his latest ascension in the international wrestling scene, future and overall toughs. Here’s our exclusive interview with the man nicknamed “The Scorpion”.

Q. Since when did you got the news about the WWE asking you to go to the Performance Center to do a tryout?

“Basically I received the news about a month ago. In an email confirming the great news.”

Q. How did you feel when you got the news?

“There were a lot of emotions involved. A lot of nostalgia came in with the news. I felt more motivated and focus to keep doing my best. It felt like hard work was finally paying off.”

Q. How was the atmosphere in the Performance Center? Did you saw notable competitiveness between the trainees?

“I felt pretty good. There wasn’t a lot of competitiveness. Everybody wanted to work hard and do their best to present themselves.”

Q. What attributes do you think the trainers at the Performance Center might have noticed?

“Overall my stamina and physical condition. I think that they saw someone that could hang in that type of environment and that I could go all the way.

Q. We saw that you will be debuting for The Crash Lucha Libre, which is another big step for you. What made Konnan notice guys like you, Fashion and Vanilla Vargas?

In those past months that I was working with WWC, I wanted to expand in the wrestling business, so I started contacting promoters. There were very few promoters that wanted to book me, but one those who would …was Konnan. He saw my work in World Wrestling League and gave me the chance.”

Q. What were the requests that Konnan gave you?

“He was very professional. He told me that he couldn’t help me since in WWC he didn’t see me doing a modern style of wrestling and I couldn’t do much since WWC does a very old school way of doing wrestling. Later, conversations with WWL started, a deal was made, and I moved to WWL. I would meet him in person for the first time there and the matches with JC Navarro and LAX showed him that I could work in the modern style of wrestling of The Crash.

Q. What’s the feeling of you guys (Mendoza, Fashion and Vanilla) on debuting for The Crash?

“We feel motivated, this is an important opportunity for me, Fashion and Vanilla. This is an opportunity for us to break through the wrestling scene internationally and that people can see the Puerto Rican talents. I hope that this can open doors for other talents in the island.”

Q. You seemed to be destined for big thing in 2018. What things do you think you could improve, so that you can reach higher levels in the wrestling industry?

“Things that I need to improve?… Brother, Emmanuel… Everything. The sky is the limit and I have a lot of road to cover.  I will keep working and keep showing the world what I can offer.”

Thanks to Mike Mendoza for taking his time – in these times when communication is poor in the island – to answer our questions and best of luck in his plans.



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