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NFL History Is Made In A Lombardi Of Firsts

NFL History

So, Sunday is almost with us and National Football League fans around the world will finally learn who lifts the 2023 Vince Lombardi Trophy and the expectation is that it will be a very tight contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL History is Made in a Lombardi of Firsts

Both sides are undoubtedly the most in-form franchises from the 2022 regular NFL season, and for many in some ways, that will make this Super Bowl a little bit more unique as there is not a surprise late contender. Each side also boasts two of the most talented quarterbacks in the modern game, and potentially in the eyes of some, the two best quarterbacks from the regular season – so the game should well be even more of a spectacle than usual and plenty will be drawn to Super Bowl betting for this one.

For this particular edition of the championship, there are also a number of side stories to take into account and whatever ultimately happens over the coming four quarters, Super Bowl 57, will lead to a rewriting of the sports’ history books.

Those in attendance at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, are in for a treat as 27-year-old Patrick Mahomes goes in search of his second Super Bowl ring, but he faces a fellow supremely talented quarterback in the shape of 24-year-old Jalen Hurts.

One of the first stories to come out from this game is the simple fact that it will be the first time in NFL history that two black, starring, and starting quarterbacks, will face off against each other in the history of the sport.

That momentous event was not lost on either of them, as even though some would argue Mahomes would have a focus on a bigger personal prize – having been named the Most Valuable Player for the second time, he is looking to become the first MVP to win a Super Bowl in the same season since Kurt Warner last achieved that accolade back in 1999.

“To be on the world stage with two Black quarterbacks starting, I think it’s special. I’ve learned more and more about the history of the black quarterback since I’ve been in this league. The guys that came before me and Jalen set the stage for this. I think you’ve seen over time, whenever a guy like Doug Williams, or Michael Vick, or Donovan McNabb go out and play great football, it gives other guys like me and Jalen chances to have this platform and to have this spot on an NFL team.”

With Mahomes nodding to the shoulders they now stand on, Hurts added for himself.

“I think it’s history. I think it’s something that’s worthy of being noted and it is history. It’s come a long way. I think it’s only been seven African American quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl, so to be the first for something is pretty cool. I know it will be a good one.”

It will also be the first title clash that features brothers on the opposite side of the gridiron – even if the fact they are on the offensive team means they will not take to the pitch at the same time and actually face each other.

It is certainly one for the history books, regardless of what happens.


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