Analyzing the Top Matchups on the 2021 NFL Schedule

Matthew Stafford
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The NFL is famous for hard-hitting action, lots of drama, amazing touchdowns, and it is also home to the biggest football teams and best players. This means that all NFL fans will be eagerly looking ahead to the upcoming 2021/22 season. Set to kick off on September 9, 2021, it should be another cracking campaign – especially now that fans should be allowed back in after 2020’s coronavirus-hit season.

Many NFL fans love to get closer to the action by betting on football, as well as going to games. If you enjoy this, then it is worth checking out the latest odds online and team news before placing a bet. As we are now in the offseason, looking at the odds given for teams to reach the playoffs or win the Super Bowl is a smart move.

Best Odds is a great site to visit for this and can educate you how to bet on sports when the season starts. It may, for example, convince you that the positive outlook for the Cleveland Browns in 2021/22 is deserved or that the Kansas City Chiefs are ready to bounce back from their Super Bowl defeat.

It is also worth looking at the upcoming games, now that the new 2021 NFL schedule has been confirmed. This not only allows you to pinpoint which games to bet on, but also simply shows you which games are must-sees. Which are the top matches you need to catch in 2021/22 though?

Looking at the Top Matchups on the 2021 NFL Schedule

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys – Week 1 

This game is a must-watch for fans because it is the first game of the new campaign. As such, it allows you to get involved with the action from the start and revel in the occasion that any kick-off game brings. There is just something special about getting together with buddies to watch the kick-off game and see in the new campaign. Of course, it also allows you to check out how Tampa might fare in defending their crown and how the Cowboys might stack up this year. It will also be fascinating to see how a returning Dak Prescott matches up against wily old pro Tom Brady.

New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Week 4

Although another Tampa game might seem like overkill, this is definitely one match-up that all NFL fans are talking about. As such, it is one that you simply cannot miss. But why is this? It is all about Tom Brady returning to his old side and his old stomping grounds in Foxborough. It will see Brady go head to head with old coach Bill Belichick and may help to answer the fierce debates since his move to Florida as to whether Brady or Belichick were chiefly responsible for the Patriots’ dominant era. With the noise that those loyal Patriots fans make adding to the atmosphere, it is sure to be a special game. It will also be interesting to see how this new-look Patriots side matches up against a top side.

Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions – Week 7

One major news story this offseason has been the Detroit Lions trading their starting quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Rams, in return for the Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff. This means that when the two sides meet in Week 7, each side will be facing their former quarterback. This is likely to add a real edge to the game and might turn it into something of a grudge match. You do not want to miss out on the potential for drama and controversy that this might deliver.

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers – Week 9

Patrick Mahomes is a superstar now and perhaps the best-known face in the NFL to many sports fans. He remains crucial to the Chiefs’ hopes of success in the coming season. This makes most games with him playing worth watching. This one is particularly tasty though as it brings fellow star quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Arrowhead Stadium. Rodgers and Green Bay were pretty close to meeting the Chiefs in the Super Bowl last year but were defeated by Brady and the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship game.

2021 NFL Schedule Has Some Great Games

When you take a closer look, it is clear that there are some top NFL games to catch in the coming season. The ones that we have looked at above certainly fit the bill and should make for truly fabulous viewing. There will be no shortage of talking points; that’s for sure.

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