The Carlos Sainz Factor: Unraveling F1’s Future Driver Line-Up

As new drivers sign new deals, and other drivers extend their contracts, all eyes are on Carlos Sainz who is yet to secure his future.

In a dramatic turn of events, Carlos Sainz found himself standing on the Austrian Grand Prix podium. This was after race leader Max Verstappen and Lando Norris collided. This caused Norris to retire and Verstappen to drop down the grid order after sustaining damage.  George Russell took this opportunity to pass them and won the Austrian Grand Prix. Behind him were McLaren’s Oscar Piastri and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in third place.

Sainz who is still yet to announce his future plans in Formula One. He stated that he is here to “enjoy” his podium and his remaining days with Ferrari. Ferrari dropped Sainz after singing seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton for the next season. Now, the same question is looming on everyone’s minds, ‘where will Sainz go next year?’

What are Carlos Saniz’s possible options for his future in F1?

The Spaniard has been getting the heat from everyone about the plans for the future and he is yet to decide on it. While several rumours were circulating pertaining to his future, Sainz has yet to reveal his plans. As teams eye the Ferrari driver, he has a few options left for him. His one decision will determine the future of other drivers whose contracts are ending by the end of this year.

There have been several rumours that teams like Audi currently known as Sauber. Williams and even Alpine have shown interest in Sainz. However, the Spaniard states he is in no hurry to make a decision. But there are a few teams who want to complete their 2025 drivers list as soon as possible.

Even though Sainz says he is not in a hurry, his options are becoming seemingly narrow by every passing minute. With Pierre Gasly and Lance Stroll’s recent contract extension news, as well as Ollie Bearman being signed to Haas for 2025, his chances of securing a good seat are diminishing.

For a Ferrari race winner like Sainz, whose days are numbered in the team, he now has to choose between Sauber, Williams and Alpine. Any team he now chooses will be a huge step down for his career. Neither of these teams is fast enough to fight for wins let alone podiums.

Sainz has also been rumoured to have moved to Mercedes. The German team is yet to sign a driver to replace Hamilton. Williams has confirmed Alex Albon for the next season and Kick Sauber has signed Nico Hulkenberg. If the rumours are true then Sainz is more likely to move to a team like Mercedes and drive alongside George Russell. However, Mercedes’ links to Kimi Antonelli might hinder this move.

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Is Carlos Sainz the domino piece in other drivers’ future?

Other drivers like Daniel Ricciardo, Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Ocon are also looking for a potential opening for the upcoming season. A team like Williams would like to sign a race-winning driver like Ocon or Bottas to their team. There are recent developments with Alpine with Flavio Briatore’s arrival as an advisor to Luca de Meo, Renault’s CEO. Therefore, time is ticking as Alpine is set to sign their second driver as soon as possible.

Sauber driver, Valtteri Bottas stated that once Sainz makes a call then everything is set to fall into place for next year. But things are starting to ramp up as the 2024 season heats up. The Finn has stated that there are a lot of decisions going on behind closed doors to finalise everything for the upcoming year.

With only one seat available at Mercedes, Sauber, Williams, Alpine and Haas, Carlos Sainz has to decide which team he would want to commit to for the upcoming season.


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