Lewis Hamilton: The “King” Of Records

Lewis Hamilton returned to the podium after 12 races in the Spanish GP breaking the record for the highest number of podiums previously held by himself.

Thanks to his first podium of the season, after 12 races, Lewis Hamilton was able to savour that sense of happiness again. A sense of happiness that had been missing for a long time now.

In the Spanish GP, Lewis Hamilton returned to the podium without giving any discounts to anyone. After countless disastrous strategies, he managed to return to the highest levels of the sport with his Mercedes, a place that seemingly belongs to him. After a race that was far from easy, the seven-time world champion parked his Mercedes, took off his helmet and breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that he had found the right path again after numerous defeats.

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Lewis Hamilton is the king of records and when he gets on the podium every time he beats records previously held by himself. Something that only he can do on the track.

Lewis Hamilton, the man of records

The seven-time world champion is the driver in the world of F1 who holds the most records. In the ranking drawn up in the history of Formula One, he is at the top. He is the one who holds the greatest number of world titles – seven titles, equal to those of Michael Schumacher. It is such an important and massive record that no one on the track has yet managed to beat.

The “king” of city tracks

But if we go into detail, his records don’t stop at the world titles he won. Lewis Hamilton holds the record for the highest number of victories and podiums on city tracks. The Mercedes driver has achieved several victories on street circuits, a total of 19 victories. A fairly high and difficult number to beat or match.

The podiums and victories

Throughout his Formula One career, Lewis Hamilton has collected several podiums and victories. He has won six times in Montreal, twice in Melbourne, thrice in Monte Carlo and only once in Jeddah and Baku. Lewis Hamilton’s countless victories led to him repeatedly setting new records.

This past weekend at the Spanish GP, the F1 legend broke yet another one of his own records. He has the highest number of podiums ever achieved in the sport – 198. Behind him in the statistics is Michael Schumacher with 155, and Sebastian Vettel with 122.

Lewis Hamilton represents the history of Formula One. What he has done on the track over the years is something majestic. Throughout history, there have been few drivers who have managed to achieve as many victories and set new records as Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna did in their time.

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Lewis Hamilton taught us in the Spanish GP that there is something in this sport that will never die. Something that will always survive. The ability to get excited once again after endless victories, 198 podiums and endless races.

The seven-time world champion leaves his mark wherever he goes. Being a very successful driver also means finding yourself fighting at the back after years of absolute domination, consecutive victories and records-breaking records. He is history. He is capable of getting excited and making us emotional as if it were his first victory in F1. His victory on Sunday was certainly not a first-place victory, but it meant a lot. It was one of those victories that belongs to the most tenacious of our sport.


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