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Da Costa on Andretti: “We shouldn’t expect them to fight as hard”

Porsche’s Antonio Felix da Costa secured his first win of the 10 Formula E season at the recent Berlin E-Prix. He reflects on his victory and refrains from labeling it as redemption. The Portuguese driver also discusses the relationship between Porsche and Andretti for championship purposes.

Reflecting on his triumph in Berlin, Antonio Felix da Costa acknowledged the significance of the win but hesitated to frame it solely as a moment of redemption. He emphasized the importance of consistency and expressed a desire to continue fighting for podiums and victories. Da Costa’s pragmatic approach underscores his commitment to continual improvement and his refusal to dwell solely on past disappointments.

“I don’t think redemption is the right word,” Da Costa stated candidly. “Because otherwise, if I only need to win one race a year, and like, Okay, one, got taken away, and then when another one for redemption. Now that’s it. So I don’t think that’s the mentality. We’re going to try and win some more definitely fight for some more podiums, for sure.”


He continued, reflecting on the team’s strategy and mindset going forward. “We seem to have a good hang of how these races need to be managed. These kinds of big energy-saving races. We seem to do well in those.”

Da Costa on his disqualification in Misano

Da Costa also opened up about the disappointment of the Misano disqualification: “Obviously, it always sucks to lose a win after the race is over for bureaucratic stuff. And yeah, no, obviously nobody was happy with that in the team. I think we all really wanted to do it again, to show everyone that whatever it was that we got taken away from us had nothing to do with actual performance. And I think we’ve confirmed that.”

Da Costa emphasized the importance of maintaining their current momentum while remaining adaptable to the challenges ahead. He highlighted the team’s ability to manage difficult situations effectively, suggesting that their confidence is growing with each race.

On Andretti: “we shouldn’t expect them to fight as hard”

In light of recent incidents involving fellow drivers Pascal Wehrlein and Jake Dennis, Da Costa expressed his views on the matter with diplomacy and tact.

“I agree that contact should not happen.” Da Costa asserted. However, he also offered insights into the broader context of competitive motorsport. “Andretti they have their season and their fights and I understand that in the end they want to win, and they have commitments to their sponsors and drivers and all of that stuff. So I understand that we shouldn’t expect them to fight as hard but if there is one team that we would like to work well or better together is them, and we try we do try to make the relationship good everybody does.”

Da Costa echoed Wehrlein’s sentiments that contact between cars with the same powertrain should be avoided. The Portuguese driver also emphasized the importance of fostering positive relationships with rival teams. While tensions can arise in the heat of competition, efforts are made to maintain professionalism and respect on the track.

Next Round: Shanghai

Looking ahead, Da Costa remains focused on the task at hand. Channeling his energy into continued improvement and success on the track. His measured approach and dedication to his craft serve as a testament to his professionalism and resilience in the face of adversity.

As the Formula E season progresses, all eyes will be on Da Costa and Jaguar as they aim to maintain their position at the top of the championship standings. With Da Costa’s skill behind the wheel and the team’s collective determination, they are well-positioned to continue their success and write another chapter in their racing legacy. With the championship battle heating up, Da Costa’s consistency and resolve will be critical factors in determining the ultimate outcome of the season. The next two rounds will be this weekend in Shanghai for the Shanghai E-Prix.


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