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Alex Albon convinced Williams “on the right path”

Despite a tricky start to 2024, Alex Albon remains confident that Williams can deliver results and progress in F1.

Williams is in the middle of its first blip in form under James Vowles’s leadership. The former Mercedes strategist is overseeing a series of changes that he believes are necessary for long-term success. Unfortunately, as the 44-year-old has explained, this often comes at the cost of immediate performance. As Williams undergoes this process, Alex Albon remains optimistic about the future.

Williams’s last five years have been relatively turbulent. Since Dorilton Capital took control of operations, the team has adjusted its expectations in the face of this much-needed financial injection.

James Vowles is seen as the person capable of leading the Championship-winning team to its former glory. Last season, F1 news outlets frequently spoke about the promising future awaiting the team as Alex Albon racked points on a semi-consistent basis. For many, 2024 would be a continuation of the team’s upward trajectory.

However, as is often the case in F1, things are very difficult to predict. A resurgent Haas and VCARB have relegated Williams to the bottom of the order.

The British outfit is yet to score points in 2024, which is undoubtedly a difficult pill to swallow. Still, Alex Albon is still hopeful that progress is on the horizon:

“I have a lot of trust in James and know that he’s making the right decisions and that it is the right path,” Motorsport-total quotes him as saying.

“We lacked pace and were a little late with our updates. I believe the team is strong and healthy – I have a feeling there will be an improvement.

“It’s always nice when it happens straight away, but James is the right man for this job. There is definitely progress.”

Over the winter break, Alex Albon was often mentioned as a desirable target for teams in the driver market. Although much of this talk has died down, James Vowles has still stressed the importance he places on giving Albon competitive machinery.

As it stands, the 28-year-old’s contract with Williams concludes at the end of 2025. By this stage, the Thai will evaluate whether the team is capable of delivering the car he wants with the brand new regulations.

Until then, Williams must work to put themselves back into points contention.


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