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Andretti receive support from US Congress in F1 entry bid

F1 News: Andretti has secured support from members of the US Congress in their 2026 F1 bid.

Andretti is exhausting all possible resources to ensure their entry into Formula 1. The American team is going full-steam ahead with its preparations to join the grid. A new facility was recently announced in Silverstone, and Andretti is already hiring technical personnel in Britain. However, they have yet to receive approval from FOM to enter the sport. Although an important meeting is scheduled for this weekend in Miami, Andretti is going on the offensive.

In an April interview with AP, Mario Andretti sent a warning – “if they want blood, I’m ready”. The message is clear: Andretti has no intention of backing down or abandoning its plans to compete in Formula 1. Having already invested heavily into infrastructure (and reached an agreement with General Motors), the pursuit from the Indianapolis-based outfit is relentless.

Up until recently, the intention from Andretti has been to enter F1 in the most graceful terms possible. After all, a smooth and uncontroversial path onto the grid was always the intention. That said, Liberty Media’s repeated dismissal of their applications has changed their approach.

Stefano Domenicali’s stance on this issue is largely unchanged. However, the playing field is set to change.

US Congress enter the picture

Mario Andretti was busy in the US capitol yesterday, meeting with members of Congress to gather support. His trip was successful in this respect, as 12 members of Congress signed a letter to Liberty Media – demanding an explanation for their rejection of the American team’s entry bid.

Below is the letter sent from Congress:

Andretti continues working towards F1 entry

The members of Congress want a response by May 3rd and state they will continue to “exercise oversight” on this matter.

It is unclear precisely how this situation will evolve moving forward. What cannot be overlooked, however, is that Andretti is upping the pressure on Liberty Media to accept its F1 application.

As mentioned, Andretti has invested too much into joining Formula 1 to simply give up. On the other hand, Formula 1 needs to weigh up the risk of escalating this dispute if it continues to block the US brand’s advances.

This story will undoubtedly develop throughout the Miami GP weekend.


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