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Valtteri Bottas: “I have options” outside of Audi

Bottas confident Audi is not the only option for 2025.

Valtteri Bottas is now front and centre of F1 news headlines – following Sauber’s latest contract agreement with Nico Hulkenberg. The Hinwil-based outfit has made its first move in securing the first half of its 2025 line-up. Unfortunately for Bottas, Audi is yet to offer him a contract. Although Bottas could hypothetically stay with the team, several drivers are considered candidates to replace his seat.

At least two options have been mentioned as legitemate contenders to join Audi-owned Sauber. The first is Hulkenberg, who was first approached in the summer of 2023 – although a veto from Haas blocked the 36-year-old from leaving the team. Still, Audi eventually got their man, agreeing to a multi-year agreement with ‘The Hulk’.

Meanwhile, their interest in Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz is still strong.

Some have interpreted last week’s announcement as a hurry-up to the Spaniard. Audi wants to sort out their 2025 selection sooner rather than later. They have already spent months waiting for Sainz to respond to their offer. Whilst their enthusiasm remains, they will not wait forever to hear a response.

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Valtteri Bottas ready to react

Even if the three-time race winner is unconvinced by Audi’s prospects and turns them down, Valtteri Bottas is far from secure at Sauber. Audi’s shortlist is understood to be quite extensive, partly owing to the number of drivers available in the market.

For the former Mercedes driver, this could be his final season with the Hinwil squad.

To some degree, this predicament was to be expected. After all, Sauber’s current line-up was constructed by Fred Vasseur, who is no longer on the team. Whispers that Audi wanted a brand-new roster began to gather momentum twelve months ago and have only grown since.

For Bottas, whilst Sauber is still an option, it is essential to see if other options are available. Speaking to racingnews365, he expressed confidence about his continuity in F1:

“There are options, but at the moment, all is focused on F1.  I feel like things will start happening quite soon, now that Fernando has decided to stay [at Aston Martin]…

“I would say ideally, within the next few weeks, things are starting to get started. 

“And I am working on it, talks have started, and so it should be an interesting few weeks.”

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Driver market only starting to heat up

These comments were made just before Audi made their Hulkenberg announcement. In this sense, it seems Bottas was already aware that the dominos were about to fall.

Teams elsewhere on the grid, from Haas to Williams or even Alpine, have not confirmed their 2025 drivers. Therefore, there are certainly options for the 10-time race winner to work with. Of course, there are several factors to take into account.

Still, Bottas has a very impressive CV. Even if his current situation is uncomfortable, he is more than capable of contributing elsewhere on the grid.


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