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Adrian Newey’s Successes In The World Of F1

Speculation that Red Bull’s Adrian Newey could be leaving the team is making the rounds in the media.

The Red Bull team has been in the news since February with the Christian Horner case. This has since caused many rifts within the team. And apparently, one of these is the possible farewell of Adrian Newey. This news, in the last few hours, seems to be increasingly confirmed by various sources.

Adrian Newey, 65 years old, is one of those designers most loved and desired by everyone. Anyone would want him on the team. He’s a winning mind, and it is easy to see that with what he has done at Red Bull. He has created winning cars for Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Not only that, he also worked for other teams in the past, such as McLaren and Williams.

The Williams FW18 designed by Adrian Newey in 1996

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The Williams FW18 is one of the most successful cars ever designed. The year was 1996, and this car was designed by both Adrian Newey and Patrick Head for the Williams team. The car proved to be the most successful of the 1996 season. The FW18 was driven by Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve, winning 12 of 16 races that season. But not only this. It is the car with which Damon Hill won the world champion title, a piece of history that is still remembered today. It is one of the successes that Adrian keeps in his cultural and educational background.

The McLaren MP4/13 designed by Adrian Newey in 1998

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After his success with Williams, Adrian Newey moved to McLaren. Here too he managed to design a successful car, birthing Mika Hakkinen’s championship-winning cars in 1998 and 1999. It was the first car he designed at McLaren. From the first race of the season, McLaren established itself as a winning team by presenting a very strong and competitive car. It was defined as the “revolutionary car”.

Newey won the 1998 and 1999 titles with Mika Häkkinen, thus managing to dominate the technical scene. With his skill and ability, he managed to design not only winning cars but also cars that would give him a lot of fame. Before joining Red Bull, he had managed to achieve 67 victories with single-seaters he designed. It was such an incredible success that many could hardly believe it.

The absolute domination with the Red Bull team

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After the success he had with McLaren, he decided to change teams and move to Red Bull. A long love story that began way back in 2006. Here his talent was noticed enough thanks to the cars he designed, they won seven drivers’ titles and six constructors’ championships for Red Bull. In these long years, Adrian has been a fundamental pillar of the team.

He certainly wasn’t the only one who contributed to Red Bull’s various victories but he was the key to many projects that led to many conquests. Losing him would therefore be a hard blow. Yet in the paddock, he is desired by many teams. Understandably, as a designer like him with years of experience and many successes behind him is a valuable asset.

There is still no official confirmation about where Newey will be headed next. But one thing is certain. A significant rift has been created within the Red Bull team and losing him too would be a big blow, especially ahead of the new dawn of regulations in 2026.


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