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How Ferrari dominates Driver of the day votes

This year four grands prix were held, and in all four grands prix, the drivers of the day were always won by the Ferrari drivers. This therefore means that the Ferrari team has won all four grand prix, despite already having a season of total Red Bull domination.

Since the start of the 2024 season, the drivers of the day all come directly from Ferrari. A recognition from the fans, who appreciated what the Ferrari drivers are capable of, also making them dream. The driver of the day is chosen by the fans, who have the opportunity to vote during the race. The winning drivers do not receive any prizes. But are recognized as those who had an excellent performance during the race.

Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari in Bahrain

Carlos Sainz’s start to the season was certainly not disappointing. He made the entire Ferrari team dream, setting the best time during Q1. And even though Q2 and Q3 also didn’t go as expected, he still managed to take a P4 in qualifying. The race wasn’t very easy, between tire management and an uncertain race pace, but he still demonstrated that he knows how to manage the race even in the slightly more difficult moments. And despite this, he was the only driver to have managed to follow the pace of Red Bull.

That pace is almost unattainable for any team. Yet he, even through some technical overtaking, managed to get onto the podium, taking third place. This was noticed and much appreciated by Ferrari fans. Because after several years of suffering, it’s nice to see the driver of his own team manage to get a little closer to that unattainable team.

Oliver Bearman’s Ferrari in Jeddah

When there are good opportunities, it’s always right to take them. And that’s what Oliver Bearman did in his debut in Jeddah. In fact, he found himself forced to replace Carlos Sainz, who had been hospitalized urgently for appendicitis. Without being able to test the car much during free practice, on a very complex track, Oliver found himself catapulted into a completely new reality. And very happy to have been chosen for this mission, he silenced everyone by demonstrating that he has excellent skills as a pilot.

After coming close to the top ten during qualifying, he drove an unexpected race that surprised everyone. The folds of the Jeddah circuit always put drivers to the test. One of those circuits where concentration and experience cannot be missing. Nobody expected that Oliver would get back in the points at the end of the race. And yet there he was, after having achieved seventh place, giving the Ferrari team a good six points. The day of his Formula One debut.

But in reality Oliver Bearman did much more. In a race, once again dominated by Red Bull, he stole the show. In a weekend totally dominated by internal wars within Red Bull. He made people talk about himself, his skill and his passion. He reminded us that this is Formula One. Pure adrenaline. He has given life back to a Formula One which unfortunately has been losing its real nuances in recent times.

He reminded us what real motorsport is. Made of struggles and passions. Of dreams and defeats. Oliver Bearman, born in 2005, surprised everyone. He had to adapt to fate, which catapulted him into a completely different reality. Which made him run his first dream race. And once he got out of the car, he held onto that memory tightly, with a smile on his face and adrenaline flowing alive through his veins.

Carlos Sainz in Australia

Nobody expected Carlos Sainz to get into his car after a delicate operation. Everyone saw him limping around the paddock, smiling and signing gadgets for his fans. In such a condition, how can a Formula One driver drive? But above all, no one expected that not only would he finish the race, but that he would actually climb to the top step of the podium. On that day in Australia, a Carlos Sainz still in pain from surgery, got back on track. And he proudly led a race that no one would have ever expected.

He climbed to the top step of the podium, followed by the screams of the Ferrari fans. From the team that sings the Mameli anthem at the top of their lungs, with their hand on their heart. And with eyes that speak a thousand words. Carlos Sainz smiles in disbelief, after working hard to be able to return to the track. And he enjoys his double victory. First place and the award as best driver of the day.

Charles Leclerc at Suzuka

Suzuka is one of those most fascinating tracks for every driver. It’s not easy to drive. But we know, the most complex ones to drive are also the most loved ones. And Charles Leclerc knew it. However, some errors in qualifying cost him eighth place. And Charles Leclerc was not at all satisfied. But he is certainly not a driver who accepts mediocrity. And in the race he gave the opportunity to make up for his small mistake. With a crazy comeback and considerable tire management, Charles Leclerc took fourth place with his head held high. On a track like this he demonstrated that he has the qualities to be one of the best drivers on the grid.

Because the true value can be seen above all when you are in difficulty, and you try tooth and nail to get as high as possible. Close to the podium. He would have liked to be there, together with his teammate on the podium to celebrate. But better times will come. Because as we know, life, like Formula One, is made up of ups and downs. But Charles must not be disappointed, because almost no driver would be able to do the magic he did on that track. And he knows it.


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