What’s new at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2024?

The Grand Hall of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With new inductees and new exhibits always rotating through the NASCAR Hall of Fame, here is what you can see when you take a visit through the Hall.

I took the trip out to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in March, making my second trip to the museum honoring the history and legacy of the premiere stock car racing series. The Hall of Fame shares the history of the sport through artifacts, both big and small, and interactive exhibits that engage the visitor. While I had already tried most of the interactive experiences on my first visit, I was here for what new exhibits and artifacts were on display this time.


Kevin Harvick, 4Ever A Champion:

We spent last season honoring Kevin Harvick, the 2014 champion and a sixty-time winner in the Cup Series. On the floor of the main hall, five cars and cases told the story of Harvick’s career and his lasting legacy in NASCAR. His 1998 Winston West racecar, in which he won five races en route to the title, was first on display. Alongside the car, were his fire suit and trophies from that campaign.

Technically not a NASCAR Stock Car, but an IROC Pontiac Firebird. Harvick won the IROC Championship in 2002, winning the second race, at Auto Club Speedway, and earning 54 points. The rear spoiler of the IROC car is so unique and being able to look at it up close was a treat.

The most iconic car on the floor is his 2014 Chevy SS draped in Budweiser red and white. Covering the Budweiser colors, are yellow and black stars and ten-year-old beer stains from Homestead. It’s the car he won his only championship with, still shares the memories to this day.

Kevin Harvick's 2014 Championship winning Budweiser Chevrolet SS.
Kevin Harvick’s 2014 Championship-winning Budweiser Chevrolet SS.

Hall of Honor:

The 2024 NASCAR Hall of Fame class is a legendary group. Donnie Allison, part of the famous 1979 Daytona 500 finish and mentor to many current Cup Series stars. His red and white Hawaiian Tropic Oldsmobile, one car involved in that famous incident. While it has been restored and doesn’t bear any marks from that race, seeing it in color is like seeing history.

Chad Knaus is one-half of the Hendrick #48 team’s dominance in the early 2010s. While Hall of Fame inductees normally have a car as the centerpiece of their exhibit, Knaus’ is the Lowes #48 Pit Box. Ready for action, with jacks, tools, airguns, and laptops, it’s dressed like it was when Jimmie Johnson and him won seven championships.

Jimmie Johnson, seven-times a champion with 83 wins. Many consider him to be the greatest driver NASCAR has ever seen, winning five straight championships with a playoff format that was constantly changing. He has joined his other seven-time champions, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt, in the Hall of Fame now. The centerpiece of his exhibit, the Chevy SS he won his seventh title in. Still adorned in confetti and with a fender that was blown off during a burnout.

Jimmie Johnson's 2016 Chevrolet from Homestead-Miami Speedway, where he won his seventh championship, in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
Jimmie Johnson’s 2016 Chevrolet from Homestead-Miami Speedway, where he won his seventh championship, in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

His artifact case also holds interesting pieces. His bib from his Boston Marathon, #4848. The VIP pass he had to obtain at Phoenix, an ESPY award for Best Driver, and an impressive collection of championship win rings.

Jimmie Johnson's display in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Featuring a VIP Credential from Phoenix, an ESPY, and a racing bib from the Boston Marathon.
Jimmie Johnson’s display in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Featuring a VIP Credential from Phoenix, an ESPY, and a racing bib from the Boston Marathon.

















Other Exhibits

Kurt Busch also has a large collection of his firesuits on display, dating back to his first starts in stock car racing, to his final year in 2022. The 2023 Season is celebrated with a large collection of trophies, firesuits, and other mementos from the year. John Hunter Nemechek’s fender and mudflap from his fiery burnout at Martinsville are on display, alongside other memorable moments.

While those are the new additions to the Hall in 2024, it still features Glory Road, a winding showcase of NASCAR Stock Cars throughout the years, featuring cars from all NASCAR Series. The simulators were a blast, with Bristol being the track of the week.

Those are just a fraction of the things you can see and experience at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The Hall is open Monday and Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am to 5pm.

Plan a visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame to see iconic pieces of NASCAR History.




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