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Lola Cars charges into Formula E with Yamaha Partnership

Lola Cars is making a triumphant return to the forefront of global motorsport. It announced a multi-year technical partnership with Yamaha Motor Company to enter the ABB FIA Formula E.

The partnership will see Lola enter the Formula E World Championship from Season 11. Yamaha will develop and supply the team’s powertrain.

The partnership is the first of several major projects planned by Lola Cars. They will seek to re-establish themselves as an industry leader in sustainable engineering and motorsport. The company will be focusing on three key areas: electrification, hydrogen, and sustainable fuels and materials.

Exploring Lola’s Historic Formula 1 Journey

Lola Cars’ storied involvement in Formula 1 began in 1962 with collaborations like the Yeoman Racing Team, contributing the Lola Mk4 chassis. Notable achievements include the design of the Honda RA300, securing Honda’s last Formula 1 victory until 2006. Despite intermittent Formula 1 endeavors, Lola found greater success in other series like Formula 2, Formula 3000, and American championships.

In 1989, Lola ventured into Formula 1 with the LC88B powered by Lamborghini. Thereafter, Lola started a collaboration with Scuderia Italia in 1993. However, limited success and failed partnerships led to Lola’s withdrawal from Formula 1. The ill-fated return in 1997, with the MasterCard Lola Formula One Racing Team, saw a rushed development process resulting in withdrawal from the sport. These experiences underscore Lola’s complex relationship with Formula 1, showcasing both its contributions and challenges in the pinnacle of motorsport.

A Legacy of Innovation: Lola Cars and Yamaha

The Lola-Yamaha partnership marks Lola Cars’ return to racing with electric power. It combines their experience with Yamaha’s motorsport expertise. Victories at the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship further solidify their position as a motorsport leader.

They will enter the category as a new powertrain supplier with the Gen3 Evo, awaiting the introduction of the new Gen4 Formula E, which shouldn’t be long before it hits grids worldwide. Mark Preston, Lola Cars’ sporting director, is excited. “We are delighted to confirm our entry into Formula E. For us, it’s more than just bringing Lola back to the circuits; it’s a technological development platform.”

“Lola Cars has a decorated history of success in chassis and aerodynamic design. This project will allow us to create a unique electrified platform with a software focus at its core to provide a basis for Lola’s wider plans in defining the future of motorsport technology.”  

Yamaha’s challenge

They will enter as engine suppliers in one of the most complex categories and will compete against brands like: Jaguar, Porsche, DS, Maserati, Nissan, ERT, and Mahindra. Heiji Maruyama, executive director and director of Yamaha Motor, has explained the process the Japanese are following for their new challenge.

Yamaha Motor Company is accelerating the research and development of various technologies that contribute to sustainability. As the technical partner, we hope to acquire more advanced energy management technologies through the highest level of electric racing in Formula E. We also share Lola’s new philosophy of sustainable motorsport, and we are very pleased and honored to form this partnership with them.”



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