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Pierre Gasly: Alpine recovery could take until “end of the year”

Alpine has started the 2024 season as the slowest team in Formula 1. To make matters worse, improvements are not expected in the near future. Speaking to the media in Australia, Pierre Gasly established the timeline set at Enstone for their F1 recovery.

The Australian GP was perhaps Alpine’s most encouraging race of the year so far. Considering they finished in P13 and P16, this fact provides a glimpse into the French outfit’s disastrous start to the year.

Esteban Ocon was in contention for points in Melbourne for much of the race. The three-time podium finisher was battling Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen for the lower points. Unfortunately for the Frenchman, a tear-off got stuck in his brakes, forcing him to make an extra stop.

To some degree, the fact Ocon was fighting for points is progress for Alpine. However, it is also true that three front-runners (Verstappen, Hamilton and Russell) retired from the race. Being so far outside the top 10, despite these DNFs, is obviously a concern.

Moreover, midfield rivals such as RB (Racing Bulls) are expected to introduce upgrades in the near future.

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Gasly gives verdict on Alpine development

With the resignation of technical director Matt Harman earlier this year, there are fears about the A524’s potential for improvement. After last weekend’s Grand Prix, Gasly offered an honest assessment of the predicament at Alpine:

“I think we know, compared to last year, exactly what is worse and what is the same,” quotes him as saying.

“It’s mostly about taking these steps and seeing where it places us…

“I think we’re not looking ahead to two or three weeks, but rather over four or six months.

“We’re trying to work out a package that is stronger for the end of the year.”

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These comments are generally congruent with the general consensus of Alpine’s short-term prospects. After all, the A524 is not a car with one specific weakness to address.

Instead, the car produced in Enstone needs improvements in all areas. From the engine produced in the Viry factory to the car’s aerodynamic load, there are problems to tackle everywhere.

The team’s mid-season development cannot be described as stellar, either. Over the last eighteen months, Alpine has seen Aston Martin and McLaren move from the midfield to the front. More recently, the French team has been relegated from the front of the midfield to the back of the grid.

Considering these factors, Alpine has few reasons for optimism. Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly’s comments in 2024 so far prove they are prepared for a difficult campaign.

Regardless, Bruno Famin’s squad can still limit the damage and try to climb the F1 standings. If they fail to do so, 2024 could quickly become their worst season in recent memory.


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