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Albon crash puts Williams at risk of losing car before Australian GP

Williams F1 could lose a car in Australia

Due to Alex Albon crashing out in FP1, Williams F1 could have just one car for the remainder of this Australian GP weekend. With just one chassis left this weekend, the British team faces a difficult decision.

Several drivers made errors in the opening practice sessions at Albert Park. The high-speed and often unforgiving nature of the circuit caught out several drivers. Even the most experienced drivers, like Fernando Alonso, met with the gravel trap.

However, the only red flag from Free Practice was caused by Alex Albon. The Williams driver crashed out at the beginning of the second sector, going slightly wide on the curve before being spat out into the wall.

This was very reminiscent of his crash at last year’s race in Australia.

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Only one chassis left 

Considering the Formula 1 budget cap, such errors are extremely costly for teams. Aside from the repair costs that James Vowles and his team must address, there are other logistical issues.

With only one chassis remaining, the British outfit faces a difficult decision. First, they will determine if what remains of Alex Albon’s machine can be salvaged. Should a repair prove possible, the team can hope to put together a relatively standard weekend.

If not, however, there is a real possibility that only one FW46 competes on Sunday. This would lower the number of starting drivers for the Australian GP from 20 to just 19.

Should Williams be forced to field just one driver, it seems logical that Logan Sargeant will be allowed to continue. After all, it was not the American driver who committed the mistake of putting the team in this predicament.

Still, there have been suggestions that Alex Albon might be given his teammate’s chassis for the remainder of this weekend. This theory is based on the performances of the two drivers, which have been very one-sided over the past year.

Then again, this speculation is – at this stage – nothing more than wishful thinking. The next 24 hours should provide more clarity on whether Williams F1 can field both drivers on Sunday. If not, either Sargeant or Albon will be forced to represent Williams alone on Sunday.


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