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F1 News: Fernando Alonso viable Mercedes option for 2025

Fernando Alonso will feature regularly in F1 news this season, with the Spaniard enjoying significant sway in the driver market.

The F1 winter break has provided plenty of surprises and bombshell announcements. Guenther Steiner’s departure from Haas was the first, spelling the end of a well-established partnership in the sport. However, Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari for the 2025 season soon eclipsed this.

Across the field, impacts are already being felt from this move. Within days of the announcement, several scenarios have been suggested regarding the vacant Mercedes seat – which is still unfilled for 2025.

One of the drivers often mentioned is Fernando Alonso, with the Double World Champion’s contract expiring this year. As of yet, nothing is defined regarding his future.

From Aston Martin’s side, there are no secrets about their intentions. The team wants to extend Alonso’s deal – unsurprising given that he contributed about 75% of their points haul last year.

His presence is also very significant commercially, with a driver of his calibre helping the team grow and rise in stature. Alonso has already spoken about his future, making clear that he will assess the options available to him:

“I am aware of my situation, which is unique. There are only three World Champions on the grid… and I am the only one available for 2025.

“So I am in a good position.

“But at the same time… the first and only talk I will have in the beginning will be with Aston Martin. That will be my only priority.”

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Aston Martin and Mercedes are both viable options

The 42-year-old wasn’t shy about admitting he is “attractive” to other teams, although he reiterated his commitment to the Silverstone-based outfit. This is perfectly logical, given that he is currently in a very comfortable environment.

It cannot be overlooked that Aston Martin offered Fernando Alonso an alternative to Alpine. At the time, F1 news headlines were sceptical about this team swap.

However, the last twelve months (and even last week’s testing) have only vindicated the decision. With this in mind, there is understandably an element of loyalty from the Spaniard’s side.

This does not, however, prevent him from exploring alternatives. Aston Martin’s willingness to offer him a contract on his terms is undoubtedly a positive, but performance will be his main criterion.

Mercedes is actively looking for someone to replace Lewis Hamilton. Excluding a shock move for youngster Kimi Antonelli, Alonso is reported as being one of their first options.

Still, as admitted by several parties at this stage, making any decisions now would be premature. Waiting for the first races of 2024, for both drivers and teams, will allow for a clearer image of the future to emerge.


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