IndyCar Explained: iRacing and IndyCar Partnership

IndyCar and iRacing have reunited with a multi-year licensing agreement.

Much to the delight of racing fans worldwide, the two brands have renewed their partnership. This includes the renewed license of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, official IndyCar leagues, and the return of the famous iRacing Indy 500.

Let’s explore the long-standing relationship between these brands as well as what this renewal means to the greater motorsports world.

The partnership ends after years

iRacing was first launched in 2008. The two brands had a steady partnership for over a decade. They provided fans with the means to experience amazing IndyCar simulation from the comfort of home.

However, the popular subscription-based sim racing service eventually lost its IndyCar license to Motorsports Games.

Motorsports Games and Penske Entertainment formed their partnership back in 2021. The initial plan was for the racing game developer to make a dedicated IndyCar game for all platforms.

The release of this game was intended for 2023, but after multiple delays, it never happened. There are several key reasons for this.

Aftermath: why did the IndyCar game never take off?

The primary reason for the IndyCar game never being released is due to financial woes at Motorsports Games. In late 2023, the company reported millions of dollars in losses.

Additionally, TOCA(who owns the British Touring Car Championship) terminated their agreement with Motorsport Games.  They were planning to create a dedicated BTCC game, but Motorsport forced TOCA’s hand due to breaches of contract.

Those factors combined with multiple delays were the final nail in the coffin for the IndyCar game. Motorsport Games would later confirm “the suspension of the development of our previously planned INDYCAR game, to decrease operating expenses whilst also removing projects that are underperforming or are unlikely to generate revenue.”

The iRacing Indy 500 Returns

The iRacing Indianapolis 500 is one of the most popular sim-racing events. It is an opportunity for fans to immerse themselves and compete in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

It has also been host to some famous winners including sim-racing YouTuber turned professional driver Jimmy Broadbent.

With the new licensing agreement, the fan-favorite sim racing event will be back in action.

Official IndyCar leagues included in the agreement

In addition to the iRacing Indy 500, official IndyCar branded leagues are part of the deal. This allows fans to once again compete in fixed or open setup races on street, road, and oval tracks that are part of the official IndyCar schedule past and present.

Nature is Healing

It wasn’t just fans around the world who were happy about this renewal. Multiple IndyCar drivers are relieved and excited including Indy 500 champion and avid sim racer Tony Kanaan.

When Motorsport Games bought the IndyCar license, it left a hole in the void for race fans. IndyCar and iRacing are meant to be together. The series having an official home for fans to race IndyCar themselves is important.

It is important for the series, and it is important to the motorsport’s community overall.