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Williams Have Concluded A Season To Be Proud Of

Williams 2023 F1 Livery (Credit:

New leader, new drive

Williams Racing F1 team are the second most successful team in Formula One history. But since 1998, they have been in a decline in terms of on-track performance. For over two decades now, the team have struggled to compete at the same level as the other top teams in Formula 1. Securing sponsorships and investments due to poor performance has also put a dent in their finance department.

The recovery process in F1 can be complex and often takes time. One notable development was the sale of the Williams team to Dorilton Capital in August 2020 by the Williams family. It’s been a slow and steady climb so far, but the 2023 season shows where the Williams team is headed, and it’s clear skies ahead.

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In January this year, Williams announced that James Vowles was selected to be their new team principal. The Mercedes veteran has since proven why he was entrusted with the job, and why Mercedes had nothing but praise for him as he left for Williams.

There is no denying the progress Williams have made this year, and a big part of that is thanks to James Vowles’ leadership.

For one, after finishing the 2022 season, Williams have proudly concluded their 2023 season in P7!

Trust and patience

Being a rookie in F1 is no easy task, especially with a car that is far from perfect. Logan Sargeant has had a difficult first season in F1 and has only managed 1 point. For the entirety of the season, his future in the sport had been unclear, but shortly into the winter break, Williams gave an update on the situation. The young American will be racing for Williams in 2024 alongside Alex Albon.

In a sport as brutal as F1, underperformers usually have to bear the brunt of the media and whispered rumours of the paddock. However, Vowles has treated Sargeant in a respectable manner throughout the 2023 season, allowing the American to grow into the sport.

One top-10 finish as well as two Q3 appearances were great results for Sargeant.

Time and time again, Vowles has not been short of support and praise for Sargeant despite the pressures from the outside escalating. The dynamic between the team principal and the American has proven that patient and steady leadership in a trusting environment can work, as Logan Sargeant has improved massively, and managed to match up to his teammate Alex Albon.

“Logan, well done. I’m sorry we didn’t have the car underneath you today to do more than that. But your contribution this year has been excellent. It’s really a proud moment to see you grow across the season so far. Looking forward to the winter together with many more.” – James Vowles to Logan after the final race of the 2023 season in Abu Dhabi.

 The mighty Alex Albon

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Williams must be beaming with pride after proving that the ‘Red Bull reject‘ deserves to be in F1 after driving the season that he has. After scoring points on 8 weekends this year, he accumulated an astonishing 27 points in a Williams. Albon is without a doubt an important asset to the team as he is the only driver to consistently score points for Williams since 2018.

The Thai-Britsh driver managed 7 Q3 appearances and has scored a haul of points for Williams to help the team secure P7 in the Constructors’ Championship.

He has shown massive improvements from the driver who was once in Red Bull, and his new team principal has nothing but appreciation for him:

“Well done, Alex. Your hard work this year is what brought us seventh in the Constructors’ Championship. You can sit up tall as a result of that and look back on yourself and be incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved.

Thank you for your hard work all season. I’m sorry we didn’t have a car to finish it in style.”

Earning 96% of Williams’ points this season, Albon deserves his flowers for a season well done.

Results after round 22 of 22

Drivers’ Championship – Alex Albon P13 with 27 points, Logan Sargeant P21 with 1 point

Constructors’ Championship – P7 with 28 points

Bahrain – Alex Albon P10, Logan Sargeant P12

Saudi Arabia – Logan Sargeant P16, Alex Albon DNF

Australia – Logan Sargeant DNF, Alex Albon DNF

Azerbaijan – Alex Albon P12, Logan Sargeant P16

Miami – Alex Albon P14, Logan Sargeant P20

Monaco – Alex Albon P14, Logan Sargeant P18

Spain – Alex Albon P16, Logan Sargeant P20

Canada – Alex Albon P7, Logan Sargeant DNF

Austria – Alex Albon P11, Logan Sargeant P13

Great Britain – Alex Albon P8, Logan Sargeant P11

Hungary – Alex Albon P11, Logan Sargeant DNF

Belgium – Alex Albon P14, Logan Sargeant P17

Netherlands – Alex Albon P8, Logan Sargeant DNF

Italy – Alex Albon P7, Logan Sargeant P13

Singapore – Alex Albon P11, Logan Sargeant P14

Japan – Alex Albon DNF, Logan Sargeant DNF

Qatar – Alex Albon P13, Logan Sargeant DNF

United States – Alex Albon P9, Logan Sargeant P10

Mexico – Alex Albon P9, Logan Sargeant DNF

Brazil – Logan Sargeant P11, Alex Albon DNF

Las Vegas – Alex Albon P12, Logan Sargeant P16

Abu Dhabi – Alex Albon P14, Logan Sargeant P16


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