Red Bull make history at the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Race winner Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing, Second placed Charles Leclerc of Ferrari and Third placed Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing pose for a photo in parc fermé during the F1 Grand Prix of Las Vegas, 2023

Another Grand Prix weekend and another record broken for Red Bull, etching their names into the F1 history books once again in 2023.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix closed out the trilogy of US races this year, but heading into the weekend, the track would be a complete unknown for everyone. The latest circuit to join the F1 calendar presented a unique set of problems from a loose drain cover wreaking havoc on the first practice session to the cold temperatures that caught a few drivers off guard, yet Red Bull were still able to rise to the top come race day.

Despite losing out to the Ferrari’s during qualifying, Red Bull have proved once more why they have become the benchmark in Formula 1, smashing multiple records in the penultimate race of the season.

Red Bull finish 1-2 in the driver’s standings

Max Verstappen and Checo Perez ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, 2023

With all the success that Red Bull have had since joining Formula 1 in 2005, one of the few records to allude them is having their drivers finish 1-2 in the driver’s standings. Checo’s return to form over the past couple of races has ensured that Hamilton will remain out of reach for a potential P2 finished heading into Abu Dhabi. This result further strengthens Perez’s position in the team, providing an answer to the speculation that has surrounded his 2024 seat for a majority of the year.

Red Bull break Mercedes’ single-season win record

During the years of Mercedes’ domination, the records they set looked to be untouchable but when we fast-forward 7 years, Red Bull have set a record of their own. Winning 20 out of 22 races so far in 2023, their season could not have gone much better than it has. Sainz’s win in Singapore has been the only chink in their otherwise indestructible armor, preventing them from getting a clean sweep of victories this year. As Abu Dhabi approaches, it’s almost certain that the final race of the season will go Red Bull’s way, in a year that has been a complete display of dominance.

Verstappen conquers the US

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez spraying champagne on the podium of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, 2023

With Formula’s 1 calendar continuing to grow in the States, this has presented the teams with greater opportunities for success. Verstappen has grabbed these opportunities with both hands, becoming the first driver in the sport’s history to win in the same country three times within a single year. Even with Verstappen’s very public criticisms of the spectacle that F1 creates at the US tracks, his undeniable success is undoubtedly impressive and begs the question, what else can Red Bull achieve over the next couple of years?