LWOS talks to F1 Academy’s Chloe Grant

Chloe Grant (formula1.com)

With the brand new F1 Academy series two races in, Last Word On Sports has spoken to one of its brightest prospects.

Scotland’s Chloe Grant, aged just 17, is racing for ART Grand Prix in the inaugural F1 Academy season. After two race weekends, encompassing six races overall, Grant sits 9th in the Championship standings, with fourth place as her best result so far. Amidst her busy racing schedule, she took the time to speak with LWOS about her aspirations for this season, her heroes, and future prospects for women in motorsport.

What are your expectations and aims for yourself coming into the F1 Academy season?

Naturally, everyone wants to win, but I still have a lot to learn. I aim to absorb all the learning I can from my team; my engineer and team mates, and prove my full potential on track. With a fantastic team around me and the support of F1 Academy and my partners, I feel this opportunity is the best one yet to achieve this.

Are there any particular aspects of F1 Academy that you are particularly excited for or is it everything as a whole?

I am excited about everything F1 Academy has to offer! I’m getting to compete against some of the quickest women in the world, which I’ve never had the privilege of before now. … I’m really looking forward to racing in Europe and, of course, America at the end of the season.

Susie Wolff is the face of the F1 Academy. Do you and other drivers owe a lot to Susie and Toto Wolff for their support for women’s motorsport and the opportunities that have come about?

Yes, definitely. With Susie’s experience as a driver and her commitment to female driving opportunities, I don’t think there is a better person for the job.

Some news has been made of the fact that you are yet to even pass your driving test. Do you think the youth aspect of F1 Academy has put female racing drivers in a good place to gain a lot of experience in single-seater racing when they are still early in their careers?

Yes, starting in F4 is the best place when your aim is to progress up the ladder of feeder series to F1.

In a similar vein, do you think that the use of many current F1 circuits is also giving the drivers much-needed exposure to the highest level of facilities rather than more provincial circuits?

When talking about our race calendar people are even more interested in what we’re doing as they’re the circuits people know and love.

There have been opinions from some in motorsport that an all-female series is not helpful for women to reach their goals of making it into categories like F1. Do you feel that the idea of F1 Academy will help you and others reach those series further down the line, rather than segregate you as others have suggested?

Motor racing fans know that some of the biggest barriers we face include a lack of funding and track time. F1 Academy alleviates these issues. The championship is providing us with the fundamental level of experience needed to compete at the pinnacle of our sport.

Who are your heroes when it comes to racing drivers, and what or who made you want to become a racing driver?

There are many greats out there who have inspired me and continue to do so. Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton I have always looked up to – as incredible athletes, talented drivers, and as good people.

What do you think the media side of motorsport, such as Last Word On Sports, can do you help females reach their goals?

The media exists to help us promote our stories and what we’re doing, and celebrate it! If no one knew about it, no one would support us, and it simply wouldn’t be possible.

The next round of F1 Academy takes place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya May 19th-21st

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