Carlin Racing rebranded as Rodin Carlin

Carlin F4 garage

British-based junior team Carlin has announced that they will be rebranding as Rodin Carlin for the 2023 season onwards.

Carlin has recently announced that they will be rebranding as Rodin Carlin after an investment by Australian businessman David Dicker. Dicker’s investment will see Rodin Cars (Dicker’s company) become a majority shareholder of Carlin.

What is Rodin Cars?

Created in 2016, Rodin Cars is a New Zealand-based car manufacturer that produces high-performance cars such as the FZED and FZERO. Dicker’s idea behind the FZED and the FZERO was to create a car that is quicker than the current Formula 1 car. The engine consists of a 10-cylinder engine that contains four liters.

Carlin’s history

Carlin Racing was founded in 1996 by Trevor Carlin and has been at the forefront of junior racing since its inception in 1999. Racing in several championships such as Formula 2, 3, 4, Indy Lights, Indycar, and Le Mans. The team has claimed over 470 victories and 30 championships. Carlin has also managed to promote 30 of their drivers into Formula 1, such as McLaren’s Lando Norris.

Rodin Cars and Carlin first made a connection in 2022 after the former sponsored Carlin’s driver Liam Lawson (F2) and Louis Sharp (F4). Sponsoring two strong drivers allowed Rodin Cars to put itself on the map. With the rebranding of Carlin into Rodin Carlin, the team will continue to race in the series as well as the upcoming F1 Academy that is set to commence later on in the year.

Trevor Carlin and his wife Stephanie (Team and Deputy Team Principal) will continue their roles at Carlin Racing. There will also be no personnel or operation changes within the rest of the team at the moment.

David Dicker (Founder of Rodin Cars) stated:

“We’ve been extremely impressed during our past season with Carlin through our involvement with Liam and Louis, both of whom have enjoyed some great success.  Trevor and I share the same ambitions and having seen first-hand what the team can already achieve, being part of the driving force for the future is extremely exciting.”

Trevor Carlin (Team Principal of Carlin) added:

“We’re extremely excited to begin this new era of the team as Rodin Carlin and continue our race and championship winning story.  David shares our vision of becoming the front running team in every championship in which we compete and I’m thrilled to be on this journey alongside such an innovative company as Rodin Cars.”

With the high-performing Rodin Cars linked with the success of Carlin, a strong team is underway. Right now, the team is busy preparing for the start of the Formula 2 and 3 championships commencing in March. Pre-season testing begins in mid-Febuarary.

Formula Image Credit: Carlin Racing