Will Power looks to bring positive outlook into 2023 IndyCar Season

Will Power before qualifying for the 2022 Grand Prix of Monterey (Joe Skibinski/Penske Entertainment)

In 2022, something was different for Will Power. Throughout his championship run, something brand-new came to the Australian. A fresh, positive attitude.

For most of his career, two-time IndyCar Series champion Will Power wasn’t known as the nicest driver on the grid. The 41-year-old has made his feelings known to both drivers and officials on multiple occasions, including his infamous “Double Bird” incident at New Hampshire in 2011, and this fiery interview after a controversial red flag at Detroit in 2021.

However, Power’s attitude did a complete 180 after his win at Detroit in 2022. After beating out Alexander Rossi by just over a second, the now two-time series champion had this to say on his mental state:

“I’m not disappointed with bad results anymore. It is what it is. That’s one thing that has changed with me. I really don’t care. I don’t have to put anything more up on the board. I could stop right now. I don’t have to. So I haven’t got that pressure. I just don’t care anymore. I’m just enjoying it.”

While “I really don’t care” may seem like an off-putting Raikkonen-esque statement to make to some fans, it is hard to deny the success both on and off-track this sentiment brought for Will Power. While Detroit may have been his only victory of the 2022 season, the consistency shown in his results may have been the best of his 15+ year career.

Oh, and he won the championship.

The season ahead

However, 2022 is just one season. As Power inevitably goes into the latter part of his racing career, he will have to keep the same attitude if he wants to keep winning. The Australian’s years of experience help with his success as well. After he clinched the championship at Laguna Seca in September, Power detailed what has gone into winning both of his IndyCar Series championships.

“You’ve done it for long enough, you just iron out all those little stupid mistakes that potentially — that you have made over your career. Everyone does.”

Although mistakes happen every once in a while for every driver, a combination of experience, focus, and attitude can quickly make those mistakes null and void. For Will Power, fans witnessed that throughout the 2022 season.

Power opens at +450 to win the 2023 IndyCar Series championship, with only Penske teammate Josef Newgarden besting him at +400.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Skibinski/Penske Entertainment