Josh Mason: ‘Monza was definitely my favorite win’

Josh Mason

Twenty-year-old Euroformula Open driver Josh Mason sat down to discuss his 2022 season and how he balances racing and university life.

Born in Birmingham, UK, Josh Mason began his racing career at the relatively late age of 14. Having been introduced to the world via sim racing where he would compete against his father. Following a win at a ‘Let’s Race’ event in Horley, England, Mason made the step up into karts.

Despite starting his racing career at a late age, Mason developed a love for motorsport at the age of five when he visited Silverstone for the first time.

What made me fall in love with racing was watching Formula 1 at a young age and seeing the speeds of those cars and watching them come inches from one to another without making contact at thrilling speed.”

Mason made his single-seater debut in 2018 at the BRDC British Formula 3 Championship picking up a win and a podium. After spending three seasons racing in the British Formula 3 Championship, Mason transferred to the Euroformula Open Championship where he joined CryptoTower Racing alongside Christian Mansell. When comparing the two cars, he stated that ‘the Euroformula Open car has more downforce, which means that the cornering speed is much higher and braking distances are much shorter.’

Mason and I both attend the same University where he studies Sports Management alongside his racing. The reasoning behind his choice of subject ‘was to get a better understanding of the business behind the sport’. He admits that although it is difficult to fully immerse himself he is surrounded by great people that help him to pursue his career as well as completing his academic work.

His Monza Moment

Mason finished the 2022 Euroformula season in fifth with three wins and seven podiums. His favorite victory was Monza. ‘I had everything thrown at me during that race. Red flag, safety car restart. Especially around Monza, it’s hard to lead because the slipstream is so strong and the car behind can be five-tenths quicker over a lap.’

Having grown up in the UK, it’s difficult to simulate the hot weather conditions when racing abroad. However, Mason spends his time at the gym training in 30-degree heat. He also noted his focus on his forearms, quadriceps, and neck – the areas that take the most strain when in a racing car. Mason also practices meditation, which will surely help in the high-pressure world of motorsports.

Although Mason is unsure of his 2023 plans. In the meantime, he will spend the off-season training, gaming, studying, and spending time with his friends and family.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter