Formula 2 CEO: ‘A safer car & more like F1’ for the 2024 season.

FIA Formula 2 Championship logo during the FIA Formula 3 Tests at Barcelona, Spain, April 10, 2019. (Photo by Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Bruno Michel, the CEO of Formula 2 and 3, wants to use elements of the current Formula 1 design to improve the safety for the 2024 car.

The 2024 Formula 2 season will usher in the next generation of car for the series. While the series is naturally a step or two behind the current F1 designs of the time, the aim is to give drivers the most competitive and safest car possible. Recently, Bruno Michel, the CEO of Formula 2, announced that he wants to make the next iteration ‘look more like an F1 car’.

The series, now in its fifth season, uses the Dallara F2 2018 model. A model that was expected to run for six seasons due to economic reasons. Michel has been working alongside the FIA to analyze a way of transferring elements from the current Formula 1 design into the new generation of F2 cars. He stated,

“We’ve been working, for the 2024 car, with the aerodynamicists of the FIA who have been working on the F1 car to see if there are things we can take on the findings they made, especially how much downforce you lose when you follow another car, these kind of things.”

The new specification of Formula 1 cars has introduced a series of aerodynamic changes while retaining the same power unit regulations. However, Michel is worried that there could be a danger of rising costs for the F2 grid.

“We need to be sure the car can be exploited by a limited number of people, because we have only 12 operating people in F2 [per team].”

Ultimately, the aim is to prepare drivers for the step up to Formula 1. As both series continue to learn and evolve it is only natural that F2 would seek to draw closer to the F1 design.

Featured Image Credit: Formula 2 Media