F3 Testing: 2022 Post-season test line-ups and schedule

FREC driver Matias Zagazeta
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With the 2022 season finished, attention now turns to 2023. Teams will spend three days at F3 testing and evaluating drivers for next season.

The Formula 3 post-season testing is a three-day opportunity for the teams to choose their drivers for the 2023 season. Each team selects three drivers to run from F3 or a lower racing series. F3 testing will take place between September 21st through the 23rd in Jerez, Spain. Here is a run down of the drivers each team has selected.

Charouz Racing

Charouz Racing has opted to split their time amongst four drivers instead of three:

  1. Matias Zagazeta – FREC driver
  2. Emerson Fittipaldi Jr. – F4 driver
  3. Nicola Marianangeli – EuroFormula Open driver
  4. Alessandro Famularo – FIA F3 driver 2022 season driver

Jenzer Motorsport

  1. Taylor Barnard – ADAC F4 German Championship driver
  2. Nikita Bedrin – ADAC F4 German Championship driver
  3. Alex Garcia – EuroFormula Open driver

MP Motorsport

  1. Mari Boya – FREC driver
  2. Franco Colapinto – FIA F3 driver
  3. Jonny Edgar – FIA F3 driver


  1. Paul Aron – FREC driver
  2. Dino Beganovic – FREC driver
  3. Zak O’Sullivan – FIA F3 driver


  1. Leonardo Fornaroli – FREC driver
  2. Gabriel Bortoleto – FREC driver
  3. Oliver Goethe – EuroFormula Open driver

ART Grand Prix

  1. Kaylen Frederick – FIA F3 driver
  2. Nikola Tsolov – F4 Spanish driver
  3. Gregoire Saucy – FIA F3 driver
  4. Brad Benavides – FIA F3 driver

Campos Racing

  1. Christian Mansell – EuroFormula Open/FIA F3 driver
  2. Francesco Pizzi  – FIA F3 driver
  3. Josep Maria Marti – FIA F3 driver
  4. Hugh Barter – French F4 driver

Carlin Racing

  1. Hunter Yeany – FIA F3 driver
  2. Joel Granfors – GB3 Championship driver
  3. Arias Deukmedjian – F4 Italian championship driver

Hitech Grand Prix

  1. Sebastian Montoya – FREC driver
  2. Gabriele Mini – FIA F3 driver
  3. Reece Ushijima – FIA F3 driver

Vans Amersfoort Racing

  1. Noel Leon – FREC driver
  2. Rafael Villagomez – FIA F3 driver
  3. Roberto Faria – GB3 Championship driver

Testing will begin at 9 am local time and will end at 5 pm on the 21st and 22nd. On the 23rd the test will be shortened by one hour. Testing will be split into ‘Morning’ and ‘Afternoon’ sessions that will last a maximum of three hours with an hour one break for lunch. Check back at LWOS for updates on the F3 Testing results.

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Featured Image Credit: FREC Media