F1 Loses Most Iconic Race in Monaco GP Cancellation

Monaco GP

All over the world things are grinding to a halt due to concerns of the COVID-19 virus.

Formula 1 is no exception and this week announced that they have canceled the most iconic race on the schedule, The Monaco Grand Prix.

Previously, Formula 1 canceled the first four races of their season and rearranged the schedule so that the summer break is taking place through March and April instead of the summer.  The Monaco GP cancellation means the cancellation of more than just another race on the schedule.

It is a cancellation of an integral part of Formula 1 history and of the series and sport, itself.

F1 Loses Most Iconic Race in Monaco GP Cancellation

So why is this race different?  Why is this the race that with its cancellation race fans stop in their tracks?

The reasons are too many to count, however, it starts with the history of the race, which is inextricably interwoven with the history of Formula 1.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest races on the Formula 1 schedule.  The first race was held in 1929 on the narrow, twisting streets of Monte Carlo.

It is one of the jewels of the Triple Crown of racing which consists of the Monaco Grand Prix, The Indianapolis 500, and Le Mans and usually held on the last weekend of May.  A win at the Monaco Grand Prix is something every driver aspires to and no Formula 1 career is quite complete without it.

Throughout Formula 1 history, the Monaco Grand Prix has shaped not just the season, but the championship on more than one occasion.

In the Best Interest of Fans, Teams, and All Involved

Formula 1 and race promoters issued a joint statement that said they are doing this “to ensure the health and safety of traveling staff, participants and fans.”

The organizers and promoters of the Monaco Grand Prix expressed that other dates later in the year were not possible and that cancellation was the only option.

While other races have been postponed, and an amended 2020 schedule is on the way, it has been the loss of Monaco that has caused the biggest comment.

That being said, going forward, Formula 1 is working to recreate the 2020 schedule.

Some races are more likely to be moved than canceled and races, once they are able to be run, are more likely to be grouped together in spurts of consecutive weekends to try to get as many in as possible when racing resumes.

While every fan is disappointed that racing has not resumed, it is with the wellbeing of the teams, fans, and everyone that the schedule has been put on hold and will be amended going forward.

Formula 1, along with other industries and series, is taking their responsibility to their people very seriously.

The best race fans can do is enjoy some historic races, and for that please check out our section on historic races, and wait for when the cars again thunder through our favorite tracks.

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