2020 Formula 1 Teams Give First Look at 2020 Cars

2020 Formula 1

The start of the 2020 Formula 1 season is right around the corner (thankfully) and over the course of the last couple of weeks or so teams have granted fans a look at the new 2020 cars.

New liveries, new designs, and in some cases new sponsors, greeted fans and press alike as each new car was unveiled amid much fanfare and anticipation.

Each new reveal contributed to a crescendo of excitement for the new season that has every F1 fan marking off their calendar in eager anticipation. The liveries and cars can be seen below.


On February 11th Ferrari was the first team to reveal their 2020 car.  Arriving in fanfare befitting Formula 1 royalty, the new car was presented with a full orchestra and black-tie attire. The 2020 car promises to be fast, alluding that while the goal of a championship remains the same, it is a new decade and things have changed. Will this be the car that allows Ferrari to finally regain its spot on the top of Formula 1?


Going in a decidedly different direction, the Renault 2020 car launch was-wait for it-carless.  Yes, you read that right, Renault did their car launch without the main attraction. They displayed pictures and a video of the car; however, no actual car was present.  It wasn’t until testing began in Barcelona that we got the first look at the new livery. 



Red Bull revealed their new car with a similar livery as those from previous years.  Red Bull ensures fans, however, that while the RB16 may look like cars from bygone seasons it most definitely is a new beast.  A new beast that will hopefully enable Red Bull to fight for the 2020 Championship.


McLaren launched its new 2020 car with a nod to the past and a look at the future.  The new car has a livery that is a throwback to the team’s colors back in Bruce McLaren’s day. While carrying colors from days gone by the new car offers hope for a future that rivals the success the team has known in the past.


Alpha Tauri, formerly Toro Rosso, launched its new car, new logo, and new team with simple, sleek elegance.  The new car’s livery is sharp and sophisticated and speaks to the evolution the team has undergone.  The new look, along with a new team, hopes to usher in a new decade and a new era, an era that holds many stands atop the Formula 1 podium.


The Petronas Mercedes launch was met with much anticipation.  The future car of the reigning Formula 1 Champion is one of the most anticipated cars of the launch season.  Petronas Mercedes has been more than dominant the last few years, they have, in fact, been downright crushing.  The first look at the car to beat for 2020 was the one most fans were looking for-regardless of if they were actually Mercedes fans or not.  The look at this competition was the hottest thing going this Valentine’s Day.


The new season brings a new livery and a new title sponsor for BWT Racing Point.  The team has been rejuvenated by the infusion of a new sponsor and have redesigned the RP20 to give their drivers the best chance possible in the upcoming season.  The team is hoping with the revamping of the team they will be able to provide their team the opportunity to garner a spot on the podium.


The Williams team launched their 2020 car with a new sleek livery.  The FW43 has is new and exciting and has given fans of the Williams Team their first flicker of hope in quite a while. With the FW34 the team hopes that this season will be the one that we once again see Williams atop the podium.


Haas launched their new VF20 in Barcelona amid a circle of reporters.  The drivers unveiled the car themselves, pulling the cover off amidst flashing cameras.  The drivers then took the time to pose for pictures, all the while smiling and speaking hopefully about their chances in the new season.  Despite a few rough spots in practice, the car hopes to make America’s F1 team a force to be reckoned with.


Alfa Romeo launched its C39 with a video worthy of their Italian heritage.  The new car is sleek, sexy, and fast with driver Kimi Raikkonen being fastest in some of the practice sessions in Barcelona.  The new car manages to be passionate and driven all at the same time-everything a good Italian car should be.

The 2020 Formula 1 season is upon us and with it comes the hope of some heart stopping racing, new championship challengers, and new chapter to the history books of racing.

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