WoO LM: Dennis Erb Jr. disqualified, Brandon Sheppard wins Volusia Night 1

WoO announces 16-race slate, Dennis Erb Jr. disqualified

The first night of racing at Volusia Speedway Park for the World of Outlaws Late Models was already eventful, but a couple hours after the race, it got crazier.

The original winner of the race in Dennis Erb Jr. failed to report to post-race inspection, deeming him ineligible to claim the victory.

Instead, second-place finisher Brandon Sheppard was given the win.

WoO LM: Dennis Erb Jr. disqualified, Brandon Sheppard wins Volusia Night 1

The statement from World of Outlaws Late Model Series Director Casey Shuman was short and sweet:

“It was announced at the drivers meeting there would be post-race inspection,” Shuman said in a release. “Unfortunately, Dennis did not meet that requirement and was penalized.”

Erb Jr., however, according to people close to the situation, didn’t know where to go for post-race inspection.

As we’ve seen in the past, the series has as close to a zero-tolerance policy as one could imagine. Missing tech inspection, no matter the circumstances, always results in a disqualification.

The dismay comes from the lack of communication.

Erb Jr. said that he was waiting after the victory lane ceremony to figure out where to go for postrace inspection.

“I’m the one that was standing on the front straight-away, with nobody around me, waiting to see what to do,” Erb Jr. told DirtonDirt. “Like I said, I just drove up here. They’ve checked cars at the trailers before.”

Erb Jr. criticized the series for its lack of consistency on multiple issues as well, as can be seen in the video below.


The series will return to action tonight, as well as Friday and Saturday, at Volusia. Hot laps are scheduled for 5:30 p.m. ET and the racing will be televised on DirtVision.com.

2020 World of Outlaws Late Model Standings
Position Driver Points Behind
1 Brandon Sheppard 588 -0
2 Darrell Lanigan 558 -30
3 Ricky Weiss 544 -44
4 Chris Madden 542 -46
5 Mike Marlar 538 -50
6 Cade Dillard 538 -50
7 Scott Bloomquist 512 -76
8 Brian Shirley 508 -80
9 Chase Junghans 508 -80
10 Rick Eckert 508 -80
11 Dennis Erb Jr. 496 -92

Dennis Erb Jr. disqualified
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