Brady Bacon leads all 30 laps to win First Corn Belt Nationals

Brady Bacon
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After winning the Friday night feature of the Brandt Agriculture Corn Belt Nationals at Knoxville Raceway this weekend, Brady Bacon had a big advantage in the event points standings to help him start on the front row of the $20,000-to-win.

After that, he led all 30 laps of the main event, becoming the first ever winner of the Non-winged Corn Belt Nationals.

“It’s means a lot any time you can win at Knoxville in anything – a pro sprint, a 360, a 410, or a non-wing – anything, it’s an honor in this facility.

Brady Bacon leads all 30 laps to win First Corn Belt Nationals

Bacon eventually crossed the line eight seconds ahead of C.J. Leary, after he defended a slide job from the USAC points leader on lap 4. That was the only challenge anyone had at taking the lead.

Behind Bacon, Leary battled with Tyler Courtney for second-place.

“I really thought we had the car to beat,” Leary said. “We got up to second and got right there on Brady and tried to slide him. Once [the track] built up a curb, we were way to tight to run it like him.”

Bacon said he’d be back for both the 360 and 410 Knoxville Nationals in August following the conclusion of Indiana Sprint Week.

“Unfortunately this doesn’t pay any points towards the championship – just show up points – but confidence is everything in this sport,” Bacon said. “This is our busiest time of year going into Indiana Sprint Week and that can make or break your entire points chase.”

The USAC Amsoil Sprint Car National Championship returns to the track on July 17, racing at Eldora a day before they set off for Indiana Sprint Week – taking on eight races in 10 days in the state known for motorsports.

1st Annual Corn Belt Nationals Results
1. Brady Bacon
2. C.J. Leary
3. Tyler Courtney
4. Kevin Thomas Jr.
5. Chris Windom
6. Justin Grant
7. Jason McDougal
8. Chase Stockton
9. Ryan Bernal
10. Carson Short
11. Matt Westfall
12. Korey Weyant
13. Wyatt Burks
14. Josh Hodges
15. Nick Bilbee
16. Dave Darland
17. Mario Clouser
18. Steve Irwin
19. Kory Schudy
20. Anthony Nicholson
21. Riley Kreisel
22. Chad Boespflug
23. Tim Buckwalter
24. Wesley Smith

B-Main Results
1. Dave Darland
2. Josh Hodges
3. Anthony Nicholson
4. Kory Schudy
5. Korey Weyant
6. Steve Irwin
Top six transfer to the A-Main
7. Glen Saville
8. Cody Gardner
9. Mitchell Davis
10. TJ Artz
11. Lane Stone
12. Chris Morgan
13. Rob Caho Jr.
14. Katlynn Leer
15. Dustin Christie
16. Dickie Gaines
17. Terry Richards
18. Brandon Stevenson
19. Logan Faucon
20. Jori Hughes
21. Slater Helt
22. Brandon Halverson
23. Landon Simon
24. DNS – Don Droud Jr.

C-Main Results
1. Chris Morgan
2. Brandon Stevenson
3. Lane Stone
4. Slater Helt
5. Jori Hughes
6. Brandon Halverson
Top Six transfer to the B-Main
7. Doug Sylvester
8. Steve Thomas
9. Braydon Cromwell
10. Frank Rodgers III (9)