The Grosjean vs Magnussen Battle in 2018

Haas F1 will be starting their third year in Formula 1 in 2018. For the first time in their short stint in F1, they will have a repeat driver lineup. The Haas driver duo will be Romain Grosjean from France and Kevin Magnussen from Denmark. How did these two measure up compared to each other in 2017? Let’s compare Grosjean vs Magnussen.

Let’s Compare Grosjean vs Magnussen

Points Comparison

Last season Haas got lucky with Sauber underperforming for many reasons and McLaren-Honda having horrible reliability and performance issues. The Haas team found themselves having recurring problems with the car carried over from the previous season.

For the longest time, they had problems with the brakes and that was evident from Grosjean voicing his concerns over the radio all season long. Magnussen however just kept silent and tried to stay confident throughout the year. He has stated multiple times that he loves working with the Haas team.

Although Haas F1 team suffered problems all season, they still managed to gain 47 points to finish eighth in the Constructors’ Championship in 2017. Coincidentally, both drivers finished next to each other at the end of the season. Grosjean gained 28 points and Magnussen scored 19 points to finish 13th and 14th respectively in the drivers’ championship. In the end, Grosjean got the better of Magnussen in his first year with the team. But was he truly better?

Reliability Problems

When it comes to comparing the drivers, you have to look at both qualifying and race results. Ultimately though, qualifying doesn’t give you points. Grosjean outperformed Magnussen when it came down to qualifying. In race results, however, Magnussen outperformed Grosjean when it came down to finishing races.

Of course, Grosjean gained more points for the team, but Haas suffered from reliability problems throughout the year. So much reliability problems that their car didn’t finish eight times out of twenty races. Magnussen suffered the most from these reliability problems, not finishing five races while Grosjean didn’t finish three races. Grosjean had more opportunities to finish in the points than Magnussen.

Also, after the Malaysian Grand Prix, Haas stopped developing their car to focus on 2018. This hindered their ability to gain solid points near the tail end of the year. The car was so bad near the end of the year that Grosjean almost looked like he didn’t want to be in the car at all. The Frenchman made some harsh comments over the radio at the end of the United States Grand Prix, Haas’s home Grand Prix!

Comparing the two drivers when both finished the race, Magnussen edges out Grosjean in this category. The Dane has the best race results over Grosjean in this instance. Magnussen outperformed Grosjean seven times and Grosjean only outperformed Magnussen six times when they both finished a race.

Preview of the battle in 2018

So who will outperform whom in 2018? If they both can finish the bulk of the races, all signs point to Magnussen getting the better of Grosjean. Even with Grosjean out qualifying Magnussen, Magnussen has proven to possibly be the better of the two drivers in the race.

If Magnussen didn’t have so many problems with his car, he could have easily been the main points collector for the team. Hopefully, Haas can come into 2018 strong on performance and also have both their cars finish the race. This will give both their drivers equal opportunity to compete with one another. 2018 will be Haas’s third year in F1, and hopefully the old cliché comes true. “Third time lucky.”


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