Formula 1 Where Are They Now? Damon Hill Edition

Formula 1 is made of heroes, drivers with tremendous heart, skill, and talent. In the course of their careers, drivers build legions of fans and become household names across the globe.  Once their time in Formula 1 is over, however, many drivers slip out of the limelight.  Last Word on Sport is shining that light on some former heroes once again.

This edition will focus on Damon Hill. Son of the great Graham Hill, Damon was raised in a Formula 1 household.  Hill grew up playing at some of the most famous tracks on the Formula 1 circuit, watching his father thunder around the track.  Is it any wonder the young, hungry Damon followed in his father’s footsteps?  After getting a foothold in Formula 1, Hill quickly become one of the sport’s biggest stars.

After winning the drivers’ world championship in 1996, Hill drove for several teams. In 1999, he retired and tried his hand as a businessman.  He built and launched several companies before becoming the President of the British Racing Drivers’ Club in 2006. He also championed the cause of Silverstone to be the home of the British Grand Prix for years to come, ensuring that Formula 1 would have a home in England for the foreseeable future.

Now, however, Damon Hill is back in the public eye.  He is part of the commentating team for Sky Sports Formula 1. His in-depth analysis gives fans a perspective they would not otherwise have and allows them to still remain a part of the previous champion’s life.

In addition to his position commentating, Hill also has a music career.  Just as his passion for racing started early for Hill, so did his love of music. Hill managed to become particularly good at guitar and has played with several well-known singers and groups. Although all of that now takes a back seat to his family, which is Hill’s top priority and largest passion of all.

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