What is going on with Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton is currently one of the most talented race drivers currently participating in the sport.  Driving for Mercedes, Hamilton has expressed some concerns about the luxury car giant’s current Formula One racing car and its potential impact on the upcoming season. What is going on between Mercedes and it’s best driver?

What’s going on with Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton seems to love driving for Mercedes but he’s worried about the car that he’s driving — he’s reportedly mentioned that the car has some big problems that need to be fixed before the 2018 racing season starts to ensure that he and the team can continue bring in those coveted victories.

Even Mercedes is a little worried — they’ve mentioned that they were concerned about the lack of pace during the Malaysian Grand Prix, even though Hamilton managed to come out ahead with a 34 point lead over Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton, and by proxy Mercedes, came in second in Malaysia and are heading to Japan next.

The Japanese Grand Prix will be held at the Suzuka Circuit and Hamilton seems to be looking forward to the race, citing cooler corners and a different aero package that will hopefully give him in an edge in the Japanese race.

This isn’t the first time that Hamilton has had problems with his car — he had reported issues in Russia and Monaco as well. Basically it comes down to one simple request from Hamilton — fix this so I can win.

With five races left of this season, there is no telling where Hamilton and his Mercedes team will end up once the last flag falls, but one thing is clear — there is some tension growing between Hamilton and Mercedes over problems with the race car that are detrimental to Hamilton’s ability to win his upcoming races.

Mercedes has come a long way since it’s relatively humble beginning and is doing well this year. So far in the 2017 season; the Silver Arrows has nine wins to its name.  This is still less than their previous year’s wins, where they took 19 victories.

The Japanese Grand Prix starts on October 8th, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this story between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton develops — and whether or not he manages to get his act together with the upcoming race.
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