Jordan Genmark Heath’s UCLA Pilgrimage


John Wooden, among others, often talked about the journey being more important than the destination. The destination for UCLA football in recent years has been shaky at best. Maybe the journey has been of value. That’s a tough sell. But when it comes to a rewarding journey, no one can compare to Jordan Genmark Heath’s […] READ MORE

Martin Jarmond To UCLA


Welcome to UCLA, Martin Jarmond. You are about to step into the toughest job you have ever had. I am sure you are excited for the new job. No more frozen winters in Boston. Not much frozen anything out here except margaritas if you opt for them that way. With administrative experience at three different […] READ MORE

UCLA’s Best Five Of The Decade

We are all fishing around for any semblance of our regular college football existence. Since there is little known for the future, we are taking the opportunity to take a look back. In this case it is looking back at the 10-year decade just completed, and the best of the period. Today we are looking […] READ MORE

UCLA Football Postmortem, Part 2


Earlier this week, we started the postmortem on the UCLA season with a look at the horrific defensive performance over the course of 2019. It is not a subjective debate. The statistical analysis used to back up the dissection was irrefutable. But the defense was not the only “hot topic” throughout the UCLA season. Some […] READ MORE

Is Clay Helton’s Reign Over At USC?


There were more than a few USC fans happy with the Trojans’ loss to UCLA last weekend. To them, it marked the death knell of the Clay Helton coaching era. As Helton and his team entered the tunnel to the visiting team locker room at the Rose Bowl after the 34-27 loss in the Crosstown […] READ MORE

UCLA Gets Chip Kelly


UCLA has gotten its first choice as football head coach as Chip Kelly and the Bruins have come to a contractual agreement, as first reported by Last Word on College Football Tuesday night. According to ESPN, the UCLA interim coaching staff has been told as of Saturday morning that Kelly has been hired as the […] READ MORE

Chip Kelly Twists; Update


Updated: 10:30PST 11/23/2017. No contract has been signed and there is no confirmation of offer details.  The UCLA group returned to Los Angeles Wednesday, as did Kelly’s agent David Dunn, whose agency is based in Laguna Hills, CA. The phone conversation Kelly had with Phil Knight, as referenced below, is the point of content in […] READ MORE