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Where Does Nebraska Stand With Its Offensive Line Targets?

Nebraska offensive line

Nebraska offensive line coach Donovan Raiola injected top high school talent into the program’s 2024 recruiting class. This momentum began when three-star prospect Gibson Pyle announced his decision to play for the Cornhuskers over Colorado and USC. His pledge would create a ripple effect, as the Huskers were able to secure commitments from four-star prospects Grant Brix and Preston Taumua. In the transfer portal, NU would secure  Micah Mazzccua’s commitment. Based on the players that NU has already added, the program might not need an offensive lineman. However, the Nebraska coaches are still working to add a few players to the roster.

Broderick Shull

Even though the Auburn Tigers are reportedly leading in his recruitment, the Nebraska Cornhuskers aren’t far behind.  On his Mother’s Day visit to Lincoln,  head coach Matt Rhule connected with him on a personal level. And it also helps that the 49-year-old was able to envision his first year in Lincoln.   On the other hand, his time with Raiola was also productive.  His philosophy on the offensive line was refreshing and he had knowledge about many different techniques. But what makes the Cornhuskers truly stand out besides his knowledge?  In his recruitment, it seems to be all about the atmosphere.  According to Husker Max, his fascination came from the team’s ability to “work as a unit while being as close as family.”  As of now, It seems that he is all in on Auburn, but Shull’s recruitment is far from over.  If the Big Red can get him on a return visit, Nebraska’s uniqueness could overcome what the Tigers have to offer.

David Sanders Jr

As the top offensive line prospect in America, the five-star is being targeted by major programs across the country. This is shown through his plans to visit Clemson at the end of May, as well as his June trips to Ohio State and Tennessee. But what did his family think about their visit to a school in the Big Ten?   According to 247Sports, they were blown away by how Rhule and the rest of Nebraska’s coaching staff communicated that he “would be a game-changer to the program.”  There’s also a chance for the North Carolina native to team up with another five-star prospect in Dylan Raiola. Do these aspects give the Cornhuskers an edge in his recruitment? Or is it only a matter of time before the North Carolina native goes to the SEC?

Seuseu Alofaituli

The nation’s number two interior offensive lineman from Bishop Gorman has included the Huskers in his short list of schools to pick from. He plans to make Oregon one of his priorities because of the relationship that offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh built with his uncle at Hawaii.  Meanwhile, Texas A&M is squarely in the race as well. He’s attracted to what the SEC offers, and he already has a connection with freshman Aggies offensive lineman Isendre Ahfua. These aspects could be enough for him to reach a conclusion.  However, the Cornhuskers might have the biggest advantage when it comes to his Polynesian roots. The program signed  Taumua in their last recruiting class, and already has Sua Lefotu on the roster. Furthermore, the city of Lincoln would also fit his criteria. According to 247Sports, he wants to make an impact by being “where other players want to be great.”

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Ren Brown

In the 2025 recruiting class, Nebraska has four in-state commitments. Is the three-star offensive lineman the next addition to their ranks?   Based on Brown’s successful April visit to Lincoln, it certainly seems that way. But what made him come to that conclusion? It all started when the eight-man football star took in one of the Huskers spring practices. He was especially drawn in by the way that the quarterbacks were communicating with each other while competing. According to HuskerMax, a prime example of this was shown through Raiola’s ability to “look like a machine” out on the field. This became impressive to watch for the Stanton native because it almost seemed like the former five-star was able to “lift up the energy of the whole practice with him.” Will the former five-star be able to sway him towards Nebraska in July or will the coaching staff’s plan be able to satisfy him?

Nebraska offensive line
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