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Previewing Nebraska’s Spring Game Offense

Nebraska spring game

On April 27th, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will have their annual Spring game. However, the scrimmage will also mark a new beginning for Matt Rhule and the other coaches. But, the most drastic change will happen on the offense. With Glenn Thomas joining the staff as the Cornhuskers’ new offensive coordinator, who will he choose to let the public see? Let’s break it down.

A Quarterback Controversy

As one of the most heralded recruits in the program’s history, the young freshman looks to make an impact in Nebraska’s quarterback room. But what traits does the former five-star have that make him an ideal fit for the coaching staff? According to Thomas, he rotates the ball well using the “upper half of his body.” And when the football finally comes off his arm, he is able to use his natural strength to deliver a “really catchable ball.” Through video of the Huskers’ open practices, these types of throwing mechanics have benefitted the wide receivers in the form of open touchdown passes. But this only shows only a part of his development. If he truly wants to become  NU’s starter and beat out fellow freshman quarterback Daniel Kaelin, he has to start to take total command of the offense in the spring game. Judging off his work with private quarterbacks coach Jeff Christensen, he has the ability to take that leap.

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Depth At Running Back

In his time with the Oregon Ducks, Dante Dowdell’s time at running back was limited to late-game appearances. In only six games with the program, the Mississippi native only gained 90 yards on just 17 carries. But now, it looks like his waiting period is over. Last week, Rhule said that the 215-pounder is “flashing with some big and powerful runs.” But is this enough for him to separate himself in a crowded position group? After establishing himself last season, Minnesota native Emmett Johnson is to the point that he can take games over.  Last season, his  411 rushing yards put him in a great spot to end the season. And even though he hasn’t played much, Rahmir Johnson keeps making strides as well. Expect these two candidates to try to upstage the sophomore at every opportunity.  But it still remains to be seen.  Will the leader be named before the spring game? Or will running backs coach EJ Barthel decide to wait until the 27th?

A Good Problem To Have

Standing in at 6-foot-4 and 205 pounds, Jahmal Banks is a good problem for the Huskers to have. Last season at Wake Forest, he was able to haul in  59 receptions for 653 yards and four touchdowns. And in 2022, he was able to earn an honorable ACC mention. And now, Banks looks to build off his two strong seasons with the Demon Deacons.  But how will the transfer accomplish this at NU?  Simply put,  the veteran has a big body that will allow him to move the team down the field in short-yardage situations. On the other hand, watch out for Isaiah Neyor. Even though the former Wyoming receiver didn’t impress in his time as a member of Steve Sarkisian’s offense. But luckily enough, the 6’3 target brings plenty of experience to the Cornhuskers roster. And with that, he looks to establish himself as a major red-zone threat inside Thomas’s offense.  Perhaps the most interesting part of his transformation?  We will examine his ability when Nebraska’s spring game finally takes place.

A Pair of Intriguing Tight Ends

After rehabbing himself from back-to-back knee injuries,  tight end Thomas Fidone came back with a vengeance under ex-offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield. His 25 receptions went for 260 yards, and his four touchdowns were the leader amongst all Husker tight ends last season. These stats made him a weapon in the Huskers’ scheme. And in 2024, Fidone gets even more continuity now that  Satterfield is now with the tight ends. However, these two developments don’t give him free reign. It just means that he will have an expanded role in mentoring  Carter Nelson. The former 6-foot-5 All-American arrived in Lincoln after a solid career at Ainsworth High School. In his senior season, he proved his worth at the All-American and Polynesian Bowl competitions. Does the new face warrant a look in Nebraska’s spring game, or does he need to develop more in Satterfield’s scheme?


Nebraska spring game
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