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Who Will Be Nebraska’s Next Athletic Director?

On Wednesday, the Nebraska Cornhuskers received a massive blow to their program when current athletic director Trev Alberts decided to accept the same position at Texas A&M. Why is this a huge blow for the program and where do the Huskers find their permanent replacement? Let’s break it down.

Husker Hero To Villain?

When it comes to his playing career in Lincoln, Alberts solidified himself as one of the greatest linebackers in Husker history. In 1993, the senior captain helped the Huskers capture an undefeated season in large part due to his 96 tackles and 15 sacks. In the Orange Bowl, he had six tackles and three sacks. But he wouldn’t truly cement his legacy until the offseason arrived. He won the Butkus Award and Big Eight Defensive Player Of The Year. But his highlights as a player are one thing. This also hurts the Husker fanbase for a sentimental reason.  The former player had his name and number engraved inside Memorial Stadium. Furthermore, his exploits are shown throughout the program’s highlight videos. Now, the public’s perception of him is marred because of his shocking departure to Aggie Land. Now Nebraska’s newest athletic director has to do two important things. Calm the waters around the fanbase, and maintain success in the Big Ten.

A Sudden Exit

Albert’s decision to leave Lincoln was not an easy choice to make. However, several factors expedited the process. After former university chancellor Ronnie Green retired in July last year, President Ted Carter took charge of athletics. This proved to be a good decision, but it wouldn’t last. In August, Carter left for Ohio State. He was the man who brought Matt Rhule to Lincoln. And now that he is gone, the 53-year-old was left with no support when it came to his plans for the university. But this wouldn’t push him over the edge. Another massive domino would fall last month. On February 19, he became involved in a civil lawsuit filed by former Nebraska women’s basketball player Ashley Scoggin. According to Mitch Sherman of the Athletic, the suit alleges that “he used his influence along with assistant coach Chuck Love to groom her into a sexual relationship.” But it isn’t over by any means. In fact, he will have to defend himself against the allegations even further in College Station.  Is it something that he can personally handle? Or is his tenure doomed from the start?

Interims And Candidates

With NU reeling from this sudden move, interim president Chris Kabourek acted fast in appointing Dennis LeBlanc to the position on Thursday. As a former executive of academics, he knows how to run the university system well. But athletics at Nebraska are a different beast. The Cornhuskers need someone who knows how to execute that role. In this regard, former Nebraska quarterback Garth Glissman is a great choice. He’s currently an associate director of the SEC and he considered the role in 2021. On the other hand, Iowa State’s Jamie Pollard was also targeted by the university. The only downside? He’s content with his current role. According to the Cyclone’s website, he’s the “longest-tenured Director of Athletics in Iowa State history.” It’s not likely that he would leave for the fish bowl that Lincoln has become. Which leaves the only other option. John Cook. The 67-year-old has been the university’s volleyball coach since 2000. And during that time, he’s led the Huskers to four national titles and four runner-up finishes. It’s a great resume on paper, but there’s a big concern.  His focus has been on volleyball his entire career, and taking charge of the university’s athletics would put him in a tough spot. It’s clear that the other candidates would be stronger in this regard.

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