More Records in Sight for Ibrahim?

Records in sight for Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim scored on Minnesota’s opening drive in the blowout of Michigan State, and now holds the school record for career rushing touchdowns with 41, besting Darrell Thompson (’86-’89). Are there more records in sight for Ibrahim? Here are some that could be within reach of the sixth-year senior:

Minnesota Single-Game Touchdowns (4)

Ibrahim is currently in a seven-way tie for this record. It’s technically an eight-way tie, but two of the four-touchdown efforts came from Ibrahim, both in 2020. He’s the only player on the list with multiple four-score games.

Can he break it? It’s a tough one. The Gophers do face Rutgers, Nebraska, and Northwestern. But in any game with a big lead, P.J. Fleck will probably take Ibrahim out because a) they don’t need him getting hurt, and b) Treyson Potts is a very capable back himself. I think a five-touchdown game for Ibrahim is unlikely, in large part because of the Gophers’ depth at the position.

Minnesota Career Rushing Yards (4,518)

Currently at 3,570, breaking Darrell Thompson‘s record with just eight games remaining would be a real stretch. But when you add in a bowl game, and quite possibly the Big Ten Championship game, it’s tantalizingly possible. Ibrahim would have to average 100 yards per game over those ten games, which he’s more than capable of. The Gophers don’t face Ohio State or Michigan this season; the only team on the schedule that might give him trouble is Penn State.

Can he break it? If Ibrahim can stay healthy, and the Gophers do in fact play ten more games, he’s got a pretty good shot.

Minnesota Single-Season Rushing Touchdowns (18)

Set by Gary Russell in 2005, this is another school record within reach for Ibrahim. He has eight scores through the first four games- not a sustainable pace, considering some of the Gophers’ early opponents, but an excellent start. Keep in mind, the senior is already in the record books in this category, with his 15-touchdown season being the fourth-best all time. That was in 2020. The Gophers played seven games that year.

Can he break it? Honestly, we’ll be surprised if he doesn’t.

Minnesota Single-Season Rushing Yards (1,629)

Set just eight years ago by David Cobb, this record is definitely on the table. On the plus side, Minnesota is on track to play 14 games this year. On the other hand, there are games on the schedule (Rutgers, Nebraska, Northwestern) where Ibrahim could easily yield to backup Potts as early as halftime.

Can he break it? Stranger things have happened, but we wouldn’t put money on this one.

NCAA 100-yard Games in a Season (13)

This record is held by Shonn Greene (Iowa, 2007) and Kevin Smith (Central Florida, 2008). For Ibrahim to break the record, the Gophers would have to play in both a conference championship game and a bowl game. He could tie the record even if a) Minnesota didn’t play in the Big Ten Championship, b) he opted out of a bowl game in favor of NFL draft prep, or c) someone managed to hold him under 100 yards in one game.

Can he break it? Tying it seems entirely possible. A lot would have to go right to break it- and again, he’d have to choose to play in a bowl game. A stretch, but not out of the question.

Had it not been for injuries in 2019 and 2021, he’d have a decent shot at breaking the NCAA record for four seasons with at least 1,000 yards. DeAngelo Williams‘ 34 career 100-yard games could be in play as well. But these are the most realistic records in sight for Ibrahim.

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