SEC Media Days: Texas A&M Review

On Thursday, Jimbo Fisher, Layden Robinson, and Demani Richardson represented the Texas A&M Aggies at SEC Media Days. The Aggies were the last team to participate in the event, and they were humble yet entertaining during their time in Atlanta. Here’s a quick recap of what the players and coach Fisher had to say at SEC Media Days 2022.

Jimbo Fisher

As expected Fisher took up much of the time for Texas A&M, and he was rather quick with his words. The first three questions directed to Fisher were regarding his tension with Nick Saban. Fisher made it clear that he and Saban have moved on, and they both have mutual respect for one another. 

The state of the quarterback room was also covered, and Fisher hasn’t noticed any clear separation among the quarterbacks yet. Last month, he said that decision would be made around mid-August. He had high praise for transfer quarterback Zach Calzada, complimenting his ability to play through injury. Fisher is pleased with the versatility of his team, and he knows the wide receiver depth has to improve.

In regards to the situation about Ainias Smith, Fisher did not have much to say. Smith could be out during the early part of the season, meaning players like Chase Lane and Moose Muhammad III will have to step up. Fisher is aware that the new era of college football requires adapting to the growth of NIL and the transfer portal. Based on the recent recruiting class, Texas A&M should be doing just fine.   


Layden Robinson

Robinson started the questionnaire round by giving props to Calzada and wishing him the best at Auburn. Robinson understands that the modern era in college football sees teammates become rivals and rivals become teammates. He looks forward to the LSU rivalry, saying that he wants revenge for last year’s loss in Baton Rouge.

Robinson wants the strength of the offense to be the offensive line, and he considers himself the leader of that unit, Finally, he said that there’s more accountability on this team with more veteran experience on offense. 

Demani Richardson

Richardson was the last person to step on the podium, and he began by talking about Max Johnson‘s competitiveness and demeanor as a teammate. While Richardson is the leader and best player on defense, he understands that he needs to improve after watching game film over the summer. 

Richardson gave high praise to past defensive coordinator Mike Elko, and Richardson wished Elko the best with his tenure at Duke. Richardson feels that the secondary unit is unified, and he thinks this year’s defense can be one of the best in the SEC. He finished by lauding the atmosphere of Kyle Field.

Concluding Thoughts

Obviously, Smith was unable to speak at SEC Media Days due to his arrest on Wednesday. Regardless, both Robinson and Richardson represented Texas A&M in a great manner.  They are great leaders on both sides of the ball. Now, Texas A&M will await Fall camp to get ready for the season.  There is a lot to look forward to in 2022 for the Aggies. Overall, SEC Media Days was a success for Texas A&M.