UGA Football: 3 Players to Watch in 2021

UGA Football: 3 Players to Watch in 2021

UGA Football is consistently one of the nation’s top recruiting powers on the CFB landscape. With such abilities, obviously, comes many esteemed talents from anywhere in America. And while football is a team game, some folks deserve more praise than others.

Those individuals are typically big playmakers or players that a team would struggle to succeed without. They make big plays in big moments and, as a result, have a blatant impact on the outcome of the game(s) they participate in.

When regarding impact players, one is almost always a quarterback; such is the case with Georgia this season. Alongside him is a running back and defensive back. Each one of them has shown great promise in recent memory, and should all be shoo-ins to do so again this Fall.

JT Daniels, Quarterback

Daniels has been looked upon as a solid talent all throughout his collegiate career so far. However, since transferring to UGA from USC, he has become a Heisman hopeful in the eyes of many.

In 2020, Daniels was certainly a statistical success. He threw for ten touchdowns and only two interceptions while completing just over 67% of his passes. This quality of performance led to UGA Football finishing as a top team in the Southeastern Conference, headlined by an 8-2 record.

With the abundance of weaponry and coaching that surrounds him heading into the upcoming season, the chances of suffering from a “bad” year are virtually nonexistent.

James Cook, Running Back

Having an older brother like Dalvin Cook cannot leave behind small shoes to fill for any little bro. Georgia RB James Cook has been making it work so far, though, and 2021 should see no difference in the action.

Last season, Cook was utilized as a dual-threat on the offense, taking part in both rushing and receiving. In the process, he hit career highs in several categories. These categories include but are not limited to carries, rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns scored.

If Cook is used to his highest capability this Fall, he can be one of Georgia’s most reliable options. Not to mention that he would become such a significance in not just running the ball, but catching it as well.


Christopher Smith, Defensive Back

UGA Football isn’t exactly lacking on the defensive side of things, either. This is especially the case when speaking of specimens like defensive back Christopher Smith.

Similar to the aforementioned James Cook, Smith also saw a boost of stats in 2020. He saw some career highs of his own, mainly due to seeing vastly more game time. Those highs most namely apply to tackles, both solo and assisted.

Smith, being thrown in as a starter, has a real chance of shining as one of the Bulldogs’ best DBs this year. If he adds some picks to his resume, he could even be praised as a top-tier talent on the entire Georgia defense.

The Takeaway for UGA Football

As established from the get-go, the Dawgs are quite well-versed in the arts of great recruiting. 2021 is expected to be yet another year showcasing such an outstanding ability.

With powerful artillery like Daniels, Cook, and Smith on the field, UGA should be anticipating another season to be spent sitting atop the bulk of the college football world.

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