NFL Draft Specialists Have Little Faith in Aggie Draft Prospects

NFL Draft
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Now, It’s only the summer of 2020 with the prospects of a college football season fluctuating between optimistic and pessimistic with each new COVID-19 rumor. However, the “dudes” over at The Draft Network have already thrown together a 2021 NFL Mock Draft. Interestingly, there were no Texas A&M Aggies in their predictions, but SEC players started coming off the board at pick three and they did not let up from there.

NFL Draft Specialists Have Little Faith in Aggie Draft Prospects

In fact, according to the site’s “2021 Prospect Rankings,” there is not an Aggie ranked until prospect number 129. Safety Leon O’Neal Jr. is ranked as the 14th best safety in the upcoming draft. In addition, starting defensive tackle, Bobby Brown III, is ranked at 180, with defensive end, Michael Clemons at 177. Conversely, Kellen Mond, recently dubbed the second most important player in the state by Dave Campbell’s Football Magazine, is ranked 196th. The Draft Network has Anthony Hines III ranked at 214.

Of course, a lot can change in a season of play, abbreviated or not. In contrast, it only took Tua Tagovailoa a half of one game to become a household name at Alabama. Even though these rankings are updated as time passes, one probably would not consider them a great vote of confidence from a website that specializes in the NFL Draft.

Rebutting Arguments

First, to some, these rankings might seem contradictory. However, Phil Steele recently ranked Texas A&M as the fifth-best team in the nation. Even so, nine different Aggies were added to 10 national award watch lists. Of course, there are plenty of people who have faith in the Aggies and their players.

But, no matter how one feels about the Aggies this year, it is clear that 2020 is make or break for many players on the team. Comparatively, if The Draft Network’s current predictions hold true, it will likely be a season full of disappointment for the Aggies. As an illustration, if Steele’s inclination is accurate, there will be rejoicing throughout the Brazos Valley and beyond. Perhaps 2020 will be somewhere in the middle. As it goes every season, it will be up to those on the field to create their own destiny, fulfilling prophecies and exposing nay-sayers along the way.

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