One Takeaway From UTSA’s Spring Game

UTSA's Bye Week Review

As the 2019 season nears ever closer, one thing has become apparent. The UTSA Roadrunners are looking for a season of redemption. Last year’s poor showing left a sour taste in the mouths of many. However, after having completed their Spring game this past Saturday, it is clear that quarterback Frank Harris is the key to revitalizing this team.

One Takeaway From UTSA’s Spring Game

UTSA’s Fiesta Spring game ended with a White team victory as they took down the Blue team 20-7. At the head of the White team was the redshirt freshman Harris. Harris, who was out of all activities the prior season due to an ACL injury, was electric and refreshed with a full season to recover and train. His presence on the field was immediately felt and he seemed to have total control of the offense. His poise and ability to escape the pocket were some of the most notable factors.

Spring Game Stats

Although Harris participated in just a few series, it was clear that his knowledge of the game and command of the offense were big upgrades from the previous season’s quarterbacks. He finished the day completing eight of 11 passes for 66 yards and combined this with six carries for 47 yards. This dual-threat quarterback surely lived up to his title and showed out when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, his elusiveness did seem a step behind because of the injury. However, with time and repetitions, his strength and agility will surely return.

Roadrunner Needs

The Roadrunners are in desperate need of a solid and reliable quarterback following last season’s woes at the position. The team tested out four different players at quarterback last year, going with Cordale Grundy for the majority of the year. Unfortunately, the team was unable to find a true starting quarterback all season. They went through many trials and tribulations in their search for their next commander, however, came up short each time. In doing so, they earned a record of three win and nine losses. This brought them down towards the bottom of the Conference USA West table and in desperate need of a solution. This was their worst record in the team’s short history.  Meaning, they are in search for that one person to bring them back to some prominence.

Among the four quarterbacks that took snaps last year, Grundy was the only one who neared the 1,000-yard passing mark for the season racking up 989 passing yards. Besides this, the three others combined for 929 total passing yards. This left the Roadrunners in desperate need of a player who could at the very least be trusted to have some production while on the field.

Quarterback Battle

This seasons quarterback battle is unquestionably between Grundy and Harris, which provides more certainty for the team than last year’s battle. The previous season had the team waiting until just weeks before the first kick off to decide on the starter. However, this year seems entirely different. As of now, barring some catastrophic injury or team meltdown, Frank Harris appears to be the clear-cut favorite to win the job. He is the most complete passer on the team. Also, his ability to scramble is just another added factor that the Roadrunners hope to utilize.

Following the Spring game, Harris earned the most improved offensive player award given to him by head coach Frank Wilson. This should prove to just be a precursor for greatness in the future. His abilities in the spring game will only be amplified as the season rolls around.

2019 Season

The 2019 season is nearly four months away as the ‘Runners will open their year on August 31st in the Alamodome against fellow San Antonio University, Incarnate Word. In the meantime, there is still much to polish. Play calls, workouts, and more big-time decisions are surely on their way. However, one thing is certain, expect Frank Harris to lace up for their first game against the Cardinals.

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