Georgia Football Black Out Jerseys: When Should They Actually Wear Them?

This past week the University of Georgia announced that the fans should show up in black for the November 19th match-up against the Louisiana Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the team will don the black jerseys for that game.

The November match-up may be the wrong choice for Georgia to wear the popular black jerseys. Instead of holding out until then, the Bulldogs should wear them sooner.

When alternate jerseys are spoken about, they are chosen for significant games. The point of the jerseys is to bring enthusiasm to the team that week. They are there to help get a program amplified for a big game, not to be worn when hardly anyone will see them.

There are a few game options that would really make a statement this season to wear black jerseys.

Possible Black Out Games

Tennessee Game:

The Tennessee game would be a great opportunity for Georgia to wear the alternative jersey.

It is a home game, and potentially a night game.

Redemption is one of the goals this season, and this would be the perfect game to portray it. After a devastating loss in Knoxville and loss of Nick Chubb in this game last year, it would be perfect. His exceptional return this season could be intensified with the intimidating look the black jerseys bring.

The color black sometimes associates with the unknown. Wearing black would be a great depiction for this game because of the unknown of how the rest of Kirby Smart’s first season as head coach will continue.

The black jerseys have a way of pulling the excitement out of a crowd. By wearing them for a game that could potentially decide the SEC East, it would be a bold move.

By enticing the crowd with the thrill of the black jerseys, it could potentially lead to something special. It’s already difficult to play in Sanford Stadium at night, but a blackout and electric crowd would make it twice as hard.

William Poole III, a four star defensive back commit for the University of Georgia’s 2017 recruiting class, had this to say about bringing out the different jerseys:

“I think Georgia should bring the black jerseys out in the Tennessee game. We all know that’s when Chubb got hurt, the game will be in Sanford this year as well. It would just be amazing to have a blackout game that week. Its also my official visit weekend.”

If Georgia wants to make a stand this season with black jerseys, Tennessee would be the game to do it. It would bring a lot of attention to the game from fans and recruits.

Auburn Game:

Bringing back the black jerseys against Auburn would be another great game to consider. After all, the Bulldogs have already “blacked-out” Auburn before, and doing it again would be a statement.

By wearing them against Auburn, it would symbolize the finish of SEC play. It is the last regular season SEC game for Georgia, and wearing black it could symbolize a strong finish to the season.

The Bulldogs would have just been on a eight week trek of brutal conference play. By this game, the team might need that extra boost of confidence to finish strong. The goal here would be to hype the team and fans up for a big home game versus the Tigers.

Allowing the team to wear alternative jerseys, it could give them that extra mental boost to play, and win, one more SEC game.

Georgia Tech Game:

Georgia could wait until the last regular and home game of the season to wear black.

In the last couple of years, the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game has come down to the wire. This would make a bold statement to Georgia Tech, by saying this is the in-state-rivalry game and we are treating it like a championship.

This will be a key game for Kirby Smart to win. The domination of Georgia over Georgia Tech the last 15 years is significant. Fans want to keep that domination going, and choosing to wear the black jerseys in this game could just give the excitement it needs.

If Kirby Smart wants to keep the Bulldog nation happy, this is a must have win. The black jerseys could give the team that boost of confidence to finish the season strong and win.

What Does the Black Jersey Really Mean:

The black jerseys are a symbol of confidence. They hyped the team up when they were first worn in 2007, against Auburn. That was an emotional win for the team, something the fans still talk about it. The atmosphere that a crowd all donned in black brings to Sanford Stadium is awe-inspiring.

The fans hold the black jerseys at another level. They have mixed feelings about the black jerseys. The last time they were worn, in 2008 against Alabama, resulted in an loss. So fans aren’t as sure as if we should bring them out for a big game or not.

The black jerseys have to be worn in a significant game to gain back popularity and some faith with the fans. Wearing them for a big game gives the team confidence in themselves, its exciting and different.

Also, in significant games, there will be higher level recruits in attendance. The alternate jerseys are something recruits love and are enthusiastic about. It gives your school a fresh look and makes your brand look unconventional.

Poole III also thought by wearing jerseys in significant games could be amazing. “It’s only right to wear black out jerseys while its literally black outside. What a beautiful site that would be.”

By wearing them for a significant game, it could seal the deal on a highly recruited athlete.

The timing for alternative jerseys is crucial for teams who wear them, especially for a school in the SEC. This isn’t Oregon, wearing a different jersey every week, it’s something to do at notable times.

“We get very excited because it hasn’t been done in years and for new comers like us, we’d love to bring it back” William Poole III said.

By deciding to wear black jerseys for Louisiana Lafayette, rather than a highly televised game, it could leave a lot of fans seeing red.

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