J.J. Wolf: The Best Mullet in Tennis

J.J. Wolf mullet
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Hairstyles come and go. However, in tennis with the players competing, the longer their hair can end up being a talking point. American J.J. Wolf is a definite contender for the “Best Mullet in Tennis” title. The 22-year-old from Cincinnati turned professional in 2019 after playing four standout seasons at Ohio State.

Wolf is playing US Open qualifying this year, after a wild card into the main draw in 2020. The young American made the third round before losing to Daniil Medvedev. Wolf names one of his tennis idols as the great American Andre Agassi.

The 22-year-old does bear a striking resemblance to Agassi, admitting that his mullet style is a tribute to him. Wolf has even shared photos on his Instagram account. These also show the resemblance to Agassi. The former World #1 often sported a great mullet himself.

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Other contenders for the great mullet do not come close to Agassi or Wolf. For example Boris Becker back in the 1980s had a style that could have been a contender. However, Becker’s was no where near the impressive style of Agassi and Wolf.

Of course, mullets are not the only style but they appear to be making a comeback. Some styles should remain in permanent decline. John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg both had impressive hair. However, McEnroe’s was the messy side of mullets, but went well with the “bad boy” image he portrayed.

Borg, however, was the first “sex symbol” in tennis. Girls would try and mob him as he made his way to the courts, famously even trying to grab an autograph after a match. Borg was a pin up, his hair the definition of a mullet. Now, some will say that Borg’s style will never be replicated or bettered. That is very true. However, J.J. Wolf is doing a very good job of resurrecting the bygone hairstyle for the modern age.

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I, for one, love this. The mullet is making a comeback.

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