Podcast #12: Tennis Commentator Nick Lester talks about his career, Battle of the Brits & Roger Federer

Roger Federer ATP Finals

This episode of the LastWordOnTennis podcast contains a very warm and familiar sound to tennis fans around the world. No, it is not our excellent Rupert Stroud theme music, nor is it host Andy Watson’s dulcet tones. We have a special guest, the lead commentator with Amazon Prime in the UK and previously on the world feed, the BBC, ATP World Tour, and many other outlets, Nick Lester.

Roger Federer’s announcement

On Thursday Roger Federer released a short statement that he had undergone another small arthroscopic procedure on his right knee. This led to the decision to withdraw from playing tennis in 2020. Nick gives his informed opinion on how successful Federer’s planned comeback in 2021 will be.

The US Open

Many comments have been flying around media outlets regarding the US Open. While this podcast interview took place before the recent ATP player meeting, the discussion around the US Open is still highly relevant.

Tennis Across The World

Tennis has been being played all over the world and there is news to report. There is also a preview of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown and Nick’s appraisal of the comments of Patrick Maurotoglou that tennis is “on its knees.”

The Battle of the Brits

Nick is the main commentator for Amazon Prime UK and they have picked up coverage of Jamie Murray’s new tournament for the top British men. We discuss the format and Andy Murray.

Nick Lester’s Career

For anyone who is interested in the life of a commentator, how people break into the media, or simply just want some stories from the booth then this section is a must-listen. Nick talks about his career as a player and then how he managed to get to where he is today.

As if that wasn’t enough content for you we also have a quiz question for you to answer within the podcast!

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