Tennis Betting Guide: How to Wager on Tennis

Wimbledon Centre Court

Tennis is an entertaining and fast-paced sport with millions of fans all over the globe. However, bettors will need to fully understand the rules of the game before they can learn how to place winning tennis bets. That will also mean understanding how different court surfaces and play styles can affect the tennis betting results.

Along with basketball, American football and soccer, tennis betting is among the top five sports according to betting volumes in Betway88. As such, bettors can wager on a wide variety of outcomes in different tournaments to make a profit after learning the rules of tennis and how to bet.

 The Rules of Tennis

The modern age tennis was once known as “lawn tennis.” It’s a ball and racket sport played hosted on a rectangular court, with a net measuring 1.07m high across the middle. The game features either one or two players on each side, with the main aim being to stop the opponent from returning that ball to the other side with a single shot.

A tennis game is won when a player scores four points, with at least two points above the opponent. For that, each set consists of six games with each match consisting of five or three sets. The players also take turns to serve by the start of each set and the service is repeated after every score.

Factors To Consider When Betting On Tennis

Whether you’re betting at Betway88 or any other bookie, there are several factors worth considering when betting on tennis. It’s important to understand that the players will have different weaknesses and strengths, making them better suited for specific conditions.

Tennis is normally hosted on four main surfaces, grass, hard court, indoor hard court, and clay. These surfaces highly affect a player’s performance, depending on the speed that both the player and the ball can travel on each.

Tennis players also have different skill sets, though experienced tennis bettors can know how the top players play. At a basic level, some players may be right-handed or left-handed, making it an important consideration when placing your wager.

Tournaments & Markets

Just like betting on golf, it’s helpful to start with major tournaments before expanding your betting knowledge in tennis. There are four major leagues in tennis, including the Australian Open (hard court), Wimbledon (grass), the US Open (hard court) and the French Open (clay).

Both men and women participate in the four grand slam events, as well as take part in events organized by the Women Tennis Association and Association of Tennis Professionals. Here are some of the markets you can bet on all these tennis events:

  • Money Line – As with NFL and basketball betting, the money line refers to the match-winner.
  • Handicap – This bet occurs when a player or team is given some sets or games as a starting advantage over the opponent to eliminate filed advantage. The bookmaker will set the handicap figure, and you can bet whether a player will win with the handicap advantage. You can also bet whether the opponent will rise above their handicap disadvantage to win the match.
  • Outright – Along with money lines, this market is probably the easiest for novice bettors to understand. The bookie gives odds for a player to win a tournament.

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