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Key Takeaways: A Bad Night in Concacaf for Club America vs Chivas

Club America Loses 3-2 to Chivas, but Advances in the Concacaf Champions Cup Competition

The latest showdown between Club America and Chivas in the Concacaf Champions Cup Round of 16’s second leg at the Estadio Azteca was nothing short of a footballing spectacle. In what was almost a catastrophic game for America ended in a sigh of relief. Despite Chivas’ valiant effort and a 3-2 win on the night, Club America progressed to the quarterfinals of the Champions Cup.

In a game that presumably was intended to be their easiest in this competition, turned out to be their biggest challenge. After winning the first leg 3-0 on the road, America found themselves pinned against the wall. Escaping with a narrow loss that is blindsided by the aggregate score of 5-3. Instead of a tale of two halves, we got a tale of two legs in the series, which we can breakdown and analysis on what went wrong for America.

Key Takeaways: A Bad Night in Concacaf for Club America vs Chivas

1. The Unforgiving Nature of the Aggregate Advantage

Club America’s comprehensive 3-0 victory in the first leg was overshadowed by the terrible 3-2 loss in the second leg. America’s initial cushion was enough to see them through but this game left many questioning the consistency of this squad. This outcome highlights America’s strengths and weaknesses this season so far.

On one end they showed strong defensive strategy in the away game and lethal attacking prowess. While on the other hand, the lack of capitalizing on home advantage and playing naively into Chivas game plan was their own undoing. The team came out flat, with no sense of urgency as if they had already won the game. Once Chivas scored the team became frantic and ghost of past eliminations with Chivas resurfaced. This game will serve as a stark reminder of the uphill battle that is to come in this competition.

2. Chivas’ Resilience Fighting Spirit and America’s Lack Off

Chivas displayed commendable resilience and fighting spirit, as expected they came into this game looking to attack. While America looked flat from the start, never quite matching the intensity of the match in the first half. A baffling display from a side that was candid for doing so well defensively up to this point. The match seemed to be all one sided as Chivas pressed and unsettled Club America both on the attack and in defense.

However, this spirited comeback halted after two good counter attacking goals by America. Still this side was less than convincing on the night. Players seemed off and for moments of the match disinterested with what was happening. Overconfidence played a part and the one thing America couldn’t afford to do they did, leading to the end product on the field. Being bested in both heart and intensity is something not seen with André Jardine’s side.

3. The Importance of Tactical Versatility

The game was a chess match, in which America was playing checkers for the entirety of the first half. Chivas’ all-out attack approach, wasn’t match by an America organized deep line. Rather, it seems as if the team had no stability or structure. The midfield battle was evidently won by Chivas who flooded America’s side of the pitch with players.

The match served as a masterclass in tactical versatility for Fernando Gago. While for Jardine, his team showcased their worst display this season. There was little to no versatility from this side who were stomped creatively on the pitch. Finally, in the second half we saw glimpses of what Club America are really about. The team showed a blend of defensive solidity and counter-attacking brilliance in those moments. Enough to conger up two goals and put the series to bed.

What’s Next for Club America?

As far as Champions Cup goes, Club America will have three weeks away from this competition. With an undetermined rival just yet, the coaching staff will have a close eye on the outcome of the New England Revolution game to plan their quarterfinal opponent. From their America will have little time to reflect as they face Chivas yet again, this time in the league. A match that gives perfect opportunity for this team to right their wrongs and gain three crucial points. A perfect way to go into the international break for a much needed rest period for some of these players.


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Last Word

This clash between Club America and Chivas showcased passion, strategy, and the sheer unpredictability. For Club America, the victory comes with a bitter taste of disappointment as they fail to close out their home leg on top. Still, this win was a step closer to the objective of winning the Concacaf Champions Cup. The match reaffirmed the importance of seizing the moment, whether it’s building a lead in the first leg or fighting till the last whistle in the second.

As America moves forward, the lessons learned from this encounter will undoubtedly influence their approaches in future for this competition. The fervor of the fans, the tactical chess on display, and the roller-coaster of emotions experienced by both sets of supporters were a vivid reminder of why the Mexican Clasico remains the Clasico of Clasicos in Concacaf.


Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports, of an Estadio Azteca Headshot, on April 29, 2023.


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