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Champions Cup Preview: Club America vs Chivas First Leg Round of 16

Estadio Akron, Home of the Concacaf Champions Cup First Leg Between Club America and Chivas Guadalajara

The biggest rivalry in the North American continent sees another edition about to be played out, this time on the international stage. Club America face off against arch-rivals Chivas in the Round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions Cup. A game that promises to be a captivating encounter that is sure to draw the attention of all Concacaf. This matchup not only pits two of Mexico’s most storied clubs against each other but also reignites a rivalry that transcends the pitch. Embodying a clash of cultures, fanbases, and footballing philosophies.

Concacaf Champions Cup Preview: Club America vs Chivas First Leg Round of 16

Historic Rivals Face-off Again in the Champions Cup

The Mexican Clasico is the biggest rivalry in Mexican Soccer and arguably the most intense in the Concacaf region. This match marks only the second time these titans have clashed in the Concacaf Champions Cup. Adding another layer of intrigue and historical significance to the encounter. The last time they faced off was back in 1985, in the first round of the competition. A memorable series where Club America showcased their dominance by winning the first leg 3-1 and drawing the second leg 1-1. These matches not only secured America’s spot into the next round but also left a memorable mark on the rivalry’s history. Notably, the game took place at the legendary Coliseum in Los Angeles, California, highlighting the international appeal and widespread fanbase of both clubs.

Club America Finding Form Before the Clasico

Club America heads into the clash on a wave of positive momentum. After what appeared to be a slow start and a string of poor results, the running theme for Las Aguilas was the lack of positive momentum. It seems to of slowly turned since their victory over Cruz Azul in the Clasico Joven. Which was later followed by a 5-1 thrashing on the road against Atlas. Their recent performances have been a testament to their resilience and tactical flexibility, securing crucial victories in their domestic league campaign. America has showcased a blend of solid defense and potent attacking prowess. Their ability to grind out results, even in the face of adversity, underscores a team in form and ready for the challenges ahead. Now another big test presents itself to Andre Jardine and his team as Chivas will be no walk in the park regardless of their mixed results.

Keys to Success for Club America

Dominant Midfield Play

For Club America, controlling the midfield will be vital. The team’s ability to dictate the tempo of the game, maintain possession, and disrupt Chivas’s playmaking efforts will be crucial. Players like Alvaro Fidalgo and Diego Valdes will need to be at their best. It’s no secret that when these two are on their “A” game they bring the best out of America.

Exploiting Wings

Club America has showcased that when given space to run into they can be deadly. That’s why the wingers and full-backs will have quite the task come Wednesday. They will be tasked with running at the Chivas defense utilizing the width of the pitch and stretching their defensive line. This will open up spaces for America’s attackers to run into. As far as who will play on the wing, America has an abundance of speed at their disposal. Whether its Julian Quiñones or Brian Rodriguez on the left Chivas will have to keep a close eye on them.

Defensive Cohesion

Finally, a united defensive front will be vital for America. The backline, led by Sebastian Caceres, must maintain discipline. Particularly against Chivas’s counter-attacks and fast-paced forwards. Tactical discipline could be the difference maker in this match. A clean sheet in the away leg could significantly tilt the tie in America’s favor.

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Last Word

As we look forward to this enthralling clash in the Concacaf Champions Cup, it’s clear that both Club America and Chivas have everything to play for. With America’s recent form and strategic keys to success, they are well-positioned to take an advantage into the second leg. However, a rivalry as fiercely contested as this, nothing can be taken for granted. Fans will be tuning in to witness the latest chapter in this historic rivalry unfold. Anticipating a match full of passion, intensity, and quality football.


Photo credit: HugoGN12 on Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 4.0


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